Transgender YouTuber Assaulted By Leftists Twice in Hollywood for Wearing MAGA Hat

YouTube/Screenshot/Blaire White

Popular transgender YouTuber Blaire White was assaulted twice in Hollywood, by leftist men, for wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat on Saturday evening.

White is well known for her videos that provide sharp criticism of social justice warriors, feminists, and Islam.

After roaming around West Hollywood all day without much more than a few glares, White and her boyfriend decided to attempt to wear the hats while visiting the Walk of Fame in the evening. The duo quickly ran into an anti-Trump protest — which they were not previously aware was happening.

As they attempted to take a photo in their hats in front of the social justice warriors sign, a male protester wearing a pink pussyhat ripped the MAGA cap of White’s boyfriend’s head.

White charged after the protester as he ran off with the hat and began to stomp on it — smashing her hand with his foot as she attempted to pick it up.

As the stomping of her hand ripped half of her nail off and left it bloodied, the couple went to find a place to bandage it up before returning to the strip to shoot a video of White explaining what had just happened.

Moments into White explaining to the camera what had happened with the protester, a man ran by and threw a red liquid on her. The substance remains unclear, but White’s boyfriend described it as smelling like liquor.

Images of the two alleged assailants have been pulled from the videos and Trump supporters are actively seeking their identities.

While men on the left consistently claim to be “feminists” and the great defenders of trans-rights, that defense and support ends as soon as someone holds views that are counter to their own.

As we previously reported, Angelie Castaneda, a patriotic, trans, pro-Trump, Puerto Rican student was assaulted in October at an “Anti-Travel Ban” protest on the UC Berkeley campus.

Castaneda, 20, was attempting to livestream the event, but was quickly surrounded by leftist activists who were accusing the student of “being disruptive.”

“I started being surrounded again and was threatened by Muslims that I needed to leave. I was shoved and pushed out of the area, and one Muslim man pressed his body against me trying to use intimidation tactics to get me to leave. I honestly thought that he was getting ready to hit me because he was that hostile,” Castaneda explained to Big League Politics at the time. “Another man shoved his camera in my face trying get video of me while saying that he was going to dox us.”

Many members of the LGBTQ community who hold right-wing views have described it as being harder to come out to their family and friends as a Trump supporter than it was to come out with their sexual preference.

“This is the way that they treat trannies with the wrong opinion,” Castaneda said.

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