Treasury Department Reveals Political Terms Such As “MAGA” and “Trump” Were Used to Snoop On Private Bank Transactions

The Biden regime admitted that it is running a controversial surveillance campaign that used politicized terms such as “MAGA,” and “Trump,” to spy on private banking transactions. This represents the first time that the regime has publicly admitted to including these specific keywords in the surveillance operation connected to the January 6 storming of the US Capitol.

This surveillance program sparked criticism from South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, a prominent Republican member of the Senate Banking Committee, who described it as a “flagrant violation of Americans’ privacy” in a letter to the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The Senator argued that the campaign targeted American citizens for simply asserting their constitutionally protected rights without due process.

Curiously, this surveillance program was kicked off under the previous Trump administration right after January 6, 2021.

Expanding on this, a letter from the Treasury Department to Senator Scott called attention to “exchange events” carried out by its Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

According to Ken Macon of Reclaim the Net, terms such as “MAGA” and “Trump” were reportedly crafted by a financial institution for internal use and then shared with FinCEN to target potentially sketchy activities. 

Whereas the name of the origin bank has yet to be revealed, sources admit that FinCEN sent those terms over to other banks to support similar searches.

“While we are still looking into the details of these events, [January 6] we understand that these FinCEN Exchange events included government and private sector representatives who voluntarily participated in discussions and information exchanges focused on identifying the perpetrators of this attack and providing support to ongoing law enforcement investigations,” the letter highlighted.

“…to the extent key words or phrases were suggested, it was expected they would be used alongside other factors and data that banks regularly analyze as part of their AML programs to detect and report suspicious activity.”

The financial sector has locked arms with the Deep State to carry out an anti-freedom campaign against lawful Americans. This public-private partnership is one of the unholiest alliances to have formed in American politics.

It must be derailed if American civil liberties are to be preserved in the long-term.

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