Trey Gowdy Tells Trump To Risk Criminal Charges & Talk To Mueller

Fox News Screenshot

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) stated Wednesday that although special counsel Robert Mueller removed President Donald Trump as a target of any criminal investigation, that he should still be worried. Gowdy believes that Trump could become a criminal target yet again based on upcoming witness statements.

But despite those concerns, Trey Gowdy also believes that the President should allow Mueller to interview him, telling Trump to “sit down and tell him what [he] know[s].”

Based on his previous statements, it is very concerning that Gowdy would give him that advice. If Trump is not a criminal target of the investigation, he has nothing to gain and everything to lose by meeting with Robert Mueller.

Mueller has spent that past year of his life leading a witch hunt against the President, doing everything in his power to promote the debunked Russia conspiracy theory. Any amount of “evidence” he can provide ends up having virtually no direct connection to President Trump.

Gowdy is essentially telling Trump to jump into the lion’s den.

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