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Trials Begin for Antifa Rioters Who Allegedly Trashed DC on Inauguration Day



On January 20, 2017, thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump flocked to Washington, DC, hoping to witness his historic inauguration. Instead, many were forced to face off with violent black-clad rioters creating chaos in the streets.

During the riot six police officers were injured, businesses were vandalized, multiple people were assaulted and a limousine was spray painted and set on fire.

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Over 200 people, including some who claim to be journalists, were arrested in the mayhem.

“At approximately 10:30 a.m., an organized group was observed marching south in Northwest Washington,” Metropolitan police said in a press release in January. “On their way, members of the group acting in a concerted effort engaged in acts of vandalism and several instances of destruction of property. More specifically, the group damaged vehicles, destroyed the property of multiple businesses, and ignited smaller isolated fires while armed with crowbars, hammers, and asps. Preliminary information indicates the group collectively engaged in these criminal acts.”

On Monday, Michelle Macchio, 26, of Naples, Fla., Jennifer Armento, 38, of Philadelphia, Christina Simmons, 20, of Cockeysville, Md., Alexi Wood, 33, of Hyattsville, Md., Oliver Harris, 28, of Philadelphia and Brittne Lawson, 27, of Pittsburgh, became the first six defendants to face trial.

Each of the defendants is facing felony charges of inciting a riot and destruction of property — each of which carries a maximum penalty of a decade behind bars. The group is also facing multiple lesser charges.

When questioning the first round of jurors about whether or not they could be impartial, none of the potential members of the jury could answer affirmatively. One man detailed how he has relatives who are in law enforcement and would give extra weight to the testimony of an officer, so he was dismissed.

“Another woman was sent home after she said her nephew, who is a police officer, was injured in the riots,” the Post reported.

Of the 212 arrested, 20 people have already pleaded guilty and charges were dropped for another 20. According to the Washington Post, trials for the others, in groups of five or more, are set to occur almost monthly through mid-2018.


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United Methodist Megachurch Could Leave UMC Over Church’s Stance on Gay Marriage



A predominantly African American megachurch in Texas is considering leaving the United Methodist denomination over the church’s increasing capitulation to the gay marriage agenda.

“Windsor Village United Methodist Church of Houston, which has approximately 18,000 members, is undergoing a process of prayer and discernment for possibly leaving the UMC,” according to the Christian Post.

The UMC is in the midst of a raging debate over homosexuality and same-sex marriage. It is considering changes to its Book of Discipline, which says homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching.” The church will hold a special “General Conference” in February to hash out the issue.

Floyd LeBlanc, chairman of the Windsor Village Staff-Parish Relations Committee said that the church is holding a series of prayer gatherings and fasting once a week as part of its decision making process.

“We have invited guest speakers to bless, prepare and sustain us during this time. Bishop Tudor Bismark (from Africa) was with us recently and we look forward to a visit from Bishop Raphael Green (from Missouri),” he reportedly said.

Last November, the UMC ordained its first transgender pastor.

The Telegraph reported:

“A university chaplain has become the Methodist Church’s first transgender minister after hiding her true identity for more than four decades.

Joy Everingham, 46, spent years secretly applying lipstick and wearing women’s clothes before finally coming out three years ago.

She first announced that she planned to transition while training to become a minister, before becoming ordained last summer. It is the first time a transgender person has been appointed as a minister in the church with the church’s knowledge.

The mother-of-two from Canterbury, Kent, says she first knew she was different aged just five, and ‘didn’t fit in with everyone else’.”

Telegraph Passage Ends. 

Bishop Scott Jones has had conversations with Windsor Village Lead Pastor Kirbyjon H. Caldwell about the church’s potential departure from the denomination. He said that all of the church’s property would belong to the UMC should they decide to leave.

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