Triggered Journalist Demands Bloomingdale’s Pull ‘Fake News’ Shirt After Getting Offended

Bloomingdales Fake News Shirt

Bloomingdale’s surrendered to the left after “offending” multiple journalists with a new shirt design that simply read “Fake News.”

The drama started when Allison Kaden, a reporter for PIX11 in New York, tweeted a photo of the shirt to Bloomingdale’s on Twitter and denounced the shirt as neither “funny or fashionable,” and  claimed that the silly design “further delegitimizes hard working journalists who bring REAL news to their communties [sic].”

Bloomingdale’s immediately backed down, and pledged to remove the shirt, noting that the company apologizes for “any offense we may have caused,” and thanked the triggered journalist for her accusatory tweet.

This, however, was not enough to save the clothing company from the ire of more triggered left-wing journalists.

Baltimore-Sun reporter Pamela Wood castigated the clothing brand, claiming that they misunderstood their grave offense, and that their t-shirt design is, in fact, destroying democracy.

Meanwhile, the majority of Twitter users seem to find the shirt funny, and consider the retailer’s reaction to be pathetic. One user noted that they would be better off escalating its production, as “This outrage never works out the way they want it to.”

Another user mocked the journalists’ apoplectic tweets, telling Blomingdale’s that “Removing the shirt offends me,” and asking the brand “Will you take this feedback seriously? Will you apologize to me, and work quickly to reinstate the shirt?”

Users continued to pound the brand for acquiescing to the left, one condemning the brand for running its “business based on social media outrage” from triggered journalists and noting that the very journalists who are now offended in fact helped coin the term.

Other users simply joked that a better shirt design may simply be “#LearnToCode.”

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