Trudeau’s Vaccine Mandates Now Affecting American Baseball

Roger’s Centre (Canada Day game)

It wasn’t enough that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical vaccine mandates affected Canadians…now his authoritarian ideals are influencing the entirety of professional sports in North America. The latest targets in his maniacal push for 100% Covid compliance are MLB baseball players.

Despite the alleged “vaccines” waning efficacy, the ineffectiveness of vaccine passports, and the absences of an Omicron-specific inoculation, the Canadian government is clinging to its medical tyranny for domestic virtue signaling purposes.

And fresh off an intense round of negotiations between the MLB owners and player’s union, the travel restrictions are sure to become hugely controversial in the coming weeks. Baseball, having missed a huge chunk of the Spring Training games due to the CBA, will now face more undue absurdities thanks to the rigid bio-medical security state of Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Cross-Border Travel Restrictions

As it currently stands, unvaccinated MLB players will not be able to able to enter Canadian soil for their games against the Toronto Blue Jays. Nor will they be paid for staying in the continental US while the games are occurring at Roger’s Centre.

“Vaccination status” (a dubious term abused for political cover) was an item negotiated throughout the recent collective bargaining agreement discussions. The stipulations included will see unvaccinated players temporarily be placed on the “restricted list” for salary and service time.

This means that unvaccinated players in the American League East Division (where this matters the most since that is who these rules affect the most) will be ineligible to play at least 9 games in Toronto. And further still, players residing in city-wide Covid tyrannies like New York City will see even less playing time still.

An interesting example case in this respect is Aaron Judge of the NY Yankees. As it is currently assumed, Judge has not been inoculated for C-19 and thus is limited in playing time even on his home field of Yankee stadium. This means that if the leftist virus fetishists continue their plans for the duration of the season, Judge will only play in 70 of the 162 games this season.

Who are the Un-vaxxed Players?

As it currently stands, it is still unclear exactly how many players are unvaccinated. More interesting still will be who exactly is unvaccinated as it is rumored that some very big names will not be eligible for the entire season. As of the middle of the regular season in 2021 (when for some reason, vaccine status wasn’t as crucial as it is now where 90% of Canadians have been inoculated), it was reported that an overwhelming majority of the teams had 85% vaccination rates.

But with this round of rules many teams, and sports media, are keeping a respectfully tight lid on who has not been inoculated. Regardless, speculation abounds. Rumored, but unconfirmed, players said to be unvaccinated are Xander Boegarts of the Red Sox, Anthony Rizzo of the Yankees, and Chris Sale of the Red Sox.

With so many high-profile names being mentioned this may end up bolstering the Blue Jays chances during the 2022 season. Though the Blue Jays had an 85% jab rate for their team and staff last season, talk from their manager Charlie Montoyo indicates they are at a full 100% for their 40 man roster.

When asked about the coming restrictions Montoyo said “I don’t see it like that” but “the rules are the rules and we follow them like everybody else…that’s how I see it. We followed them last year, didn’t we?”

Canada Unique with Restrictions

The rigidity of Canada’s stance is further highlighted when compared to the rest of the Western world. Despite proclamations claiming to be a country that allegedly “follows the science”, they are sticking to a harsh bio-medical apparatus as a means to punish anyone (in the world that is) who dares to dissent against the Covid Regime and its serums.

Canada is an outlier in regards to its border measures. The National Post reports that “The U.K. has no testing requirement on vaccinated travelers entering its borders, and doesn’t require quarantine for the unvaccinated. France has similarly dropped testing requirements on vaccinated journeyers, and even on unvaccinated wayfarers if they come from a country with low COVID spread (a list that currently includes Canada).”

The US border guards will even accept proof of “Covid recovery” as a means to enter America, essentially recognizing natural immunity as a form of entry. The Canadians have no such system and must be even more infuriating for MLB players who have this on hand.

Two Toronto Blue Jays even did this last year. Outfield slugger Teoscar Hernandez, along with starting pitcher Steven Matz, both tested positive for Covid-19 during the 2021 season. They were placed on the virus list until recovery and quarantine were complete, and both went on the have very successful, and seemingly unvaccinated, seasons with newfound natural immunity. A medical reality that won’t be recognized in Canada if they choose not to get the vaccine.

Vaccinated or Quid Pro Quo?

So even though healthy 20-40 year-old men (the near entirety of the league’s players) are at essentially zero risk from Covid-19, they are being cajoled into accepting a medical procedure that may expose them to unnecessary risk. And they will be unjustly pilloried by credulous fans/sports media for being reluctant to play Russian roulette with the very item that allows them to achieve greatness…their physiology from which their talents emanate.

And with all that has transpired since the 1980s in MLB (drug use, doping, HGH, etc.) sports fans are wondering whether many players got the vaccines at all. With millions in disposable income to spend it’s not unthinkable that some would just pay for a fake QR code, or better still, pay a doctor to forge a vaccination card.

Conversely (for players who will bravely resist the jabs despite the almost certain vilification they’ll receive from do-gooder athletes, the media, and demagogic politicians) will they be additionally incentivized to take the jabs or to move their contracts to vaccine friendly locales? Will their teams offer behind-the-scenes perks or bonuses to succumb to the medical mob?

Even after all that has transpired with economic devastation, mental health crises from lockdowns, and the near Orwellian fixation our political leaders have with manipulating the virus for their ends, the Covid fanatics will not let go of anything to further inflict their will. To demonstrate the abject ridiculousness of this reality, much like in NYC with Kyrie Irving, unvaccinated Toronto baseball fans can attend their home games…while the players cannot.

Also, keep in mind that last year in Canada, unvaccinated fans were not allowed to attend games while players of the same medical status could. Make it make sense…

Regardless, time will tell if PM Trudeau invents new rules on spontaneous whims. The Blue Jays will host the Texas Rangers for their home opener on April 8th in Toronto and we will see closer to that time which players are registered as ineligible.

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