Trump Administration Announces Major Relief to Help American Working Families During Chinese Virus Crisis

During a press conference today Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced major relief efforts which the Trump administration believes will provide major relief to American families who are being affected by the Chinese Virus outbreak crisis.

Secretary Mnuchin announced that IRS payments totaling three hundred billion dollars will be deferred, this will allow those who owe a tax payment up to one million dollars as individuals or ten million dollars in corporate tax to file on April 15th but have ninety days to pay and that all payments will be interest and penalty free and no extension is required

The Treasury Secretary also announced that President Trump’s administration is looking at ways to quickly put cash into the hands of American working families who are being affected by the outbreak.

“Americans need cash now,” remarked the Secretary, “The President wants to get cash now. We’re looking at sending checks to Americans immediately…and I mean now, in the next two weeks.”

With this announcement it appears that the Trump administration is joining alongside of those in the Senate and the House of Representatives who have laid out plans to help cash strapped Americans.

On Monday both Senators Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton revealed stimulus plans that would send checks in the amount of $1000 to low and middle income Americans.  Last week Representative Tulsi Gabbard filed legislation in the House that would enact a universal basic payment of $1000 per American adult until the current pandemic is declared over by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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