Trump Administration Focuses On Uttam Dhillon As Source of Mueller Questions Leak

WASHINGTON — Uttam Dhillon, the White House lawyer who “misled” President Donald Trump about his authority to fire James Comey, is now suspected by the administration of being the leaker of the Robert Mueller questionnaire.

Multiple administration insiders say that Dhillon could be investigated internally for his role in leaking the Mueller questions. The so-called Mueller questions are: the questions Mueller wants to know about from Trump. Those questions leaked, and CNN’s Ana Navarro and others are trying to claim that Trump leaked them. The media has been going into overdrive to accuse a Trump lawyer of leaking the questions, because they make Trump look good.

Mueller’s questions focus on the tone and substance of President Trump’s tweets, as Jack Posobiec points out. (Has he solved the mystery of Covfefe?) So the media wants to make the Trump team look like a leaker.

But Trump-World insiders know that’s nonsense, because people close to Trump are instructed to not leak anything ever — and the good ones follow that rule.

But apparently not Uttam Dhillon. reported: White House lawyer Uttam Dhillon made headlines after a Thursday report claimed he misled President Donald Trump about whether he could fire former FBI Director James Comey. Dhillon, according to The New York Times, feared firing Comey, as Trump ultimately did last May, would put the presidency in danger. He told Trump the president needed cause to fire the FBI director. After a junior lawyer’s researched concluded Trump could fire Comey for any reason, Dhillon never corrected the record, the Times report said. So who is Dhillon, the White House lawyer who tried to stop Trump? Turns out he’s worked all over the federal government, including stints at the Justice Department, the Hill, the Department of Homeland Security and private practice.

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