Trump Has Admiral Jackson’s Back For VA Head As Media And Establishment Pounce

After a meeting in the Oval Office, President Trump shut down the rumor mill and said that Admiral Ronny Jackson, the White House Physician, will remain as the nominee to be Veteran’s Affairs Secretary.

The mainstream media has been calling for Admiral Jackson’s head, after nasty allegations were thrown his way by Democrat Senator John Tester from Montana. Of course, this so-called misconduct has no merit as Jackson has served for multiple presidents and has had a stellar reputation up to this point.

Documents just released by Fox News show that President Obama thought Jackson deserved a promotion ‘immediately’:

“Ronny’s positive impact cannot be overstated. He is a tremendous asset to the entire White House team. Already at a level of performance and responsibility that far exceeds is current rank, promote to Rear Admiral now,” said an undated performance review that was signed by Obama.

Of course, the unfounded rumors are started once President Trump decides to give his doctor a promotion.

Jackson’s nomination remains alive right now and he has President Trump in his corner.

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