Trump And DeSantis Continue To Prove Their Ability To Reach Audiences In Post-Cable World

The 2024 GOP Primary has officially kicked off after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threw his hat into the race last night in a live Twitter Space with Elon Musk and David Sacks.

Even though the announcement was riddled with technological glitches, which had the mainstream media practically foaming at the mouth, DeSantis was able to announce his candidacy for President and showcase his ability to reach audiences in a post-cable world.

“We’ve got so many people here that we are kind of melting the servers,” Sacks said at one point during the livestream event.

Commentators on the right, like Elle Purnell of The Federalist, for example, have already weighed in to discuss just how different the 2024 election will be from the past.

“Without the gatekeeping of media activists, DeSantis had the chance to tell Americans his unfiltered opinions about issues such as the border crisis, woke corporatism, the threat of cancellation (financial or otherwise) to conservatives, digital currencies, and bureaucratic overreach,” she writes.

“Trump and DeSantis are both wise to run their campaigns on their own terms, not the corporate media’s. Whichever Republican ends up facing Joe Biden in 2024, he will need to be adept at cutting through dishonest media framing and flat-out lies if he hopes to reach voters who aren’t on Twitter or Truth Social,” she added. 

“That both men who currently lead the pack are already rejecting the media’s traditional monopoly on political conversations is a good sign,” Purnell concluded.

Though the GOP outcome for 2024 is still a ways away, and even with the fact that anything can happen in the upcoming months, it’s fair to say the biggest contenders will be Trump and DeSantis.

Trump, who is already using his platform, Truth Social, to motivate his base, followed the DeSantis announcement with this “truth.” Prompting account Vince Manfeld to come through with a much needed translation:

Trump was brought back to Twitter last year, but he still has not posted since being reinstated by Musk. Some of his supporters are saying he needs to be active on both platforms to reach voters that have tuned out the mainstream media, use Twitter for their news intake instead, but who are still not active on Truth Social.

Without a doubt, this Presidential run will require both candidates to leverage social media and circumvent traditional media. Trump was a master at this when he first ran for President in 2016. Now other contestants like DeSantis are hopping onto this winning trend.

Running for President on the legacy media’s terms is simply not needed anymore. Which is a mindset both top GOP contenders undoubtedly understand all too well. 

After all, Trump infamously called the legacy media the “opposition party” in 2016. Then labeled these propaganda outlets the “enemy of the American people” in 2017. Two claims both candidates have parroted since throughout their recent careers. 

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