TRUMP: Andrew Gillum Is A Thief And A Failed Mayor

In one of his most brutal Tweets in recent memory, President Trump went after Democrat candidate for Governor in Florida, Andrew Gillum. Trump calls him a “thief,” and the “Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee.”

Trump praises Gillum’s challenger, Republican Ron DeSantis as a highly educated man who was a great Congressman. DeSantis served in Congress up until he stepped down earlier this month to focus on his campaign for Governor.

Right on cue, the left came out calling his statement racist. Left-leaning website Talking Points Memo claims that Trump is implying Gillum is uneducated, and doing so because he’s black.

Other outlets latched onto the race factor, claiming that the Tweet is fanning the flames of a racially divided campaign.

But the fact is that the campaign is only becoming racially divisive because of the media, and Gillum’s own campaign making race a top issue.

Right after winning the Republican nomination, DeSantis praised the economic progress being made by conservatives nationwide, urging Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by “embrac[ing] a socialist agenda.”

Despite that statement having no racial overtones, with it being such a common expression that former President Barack Obama had used it, Gillum and the media claims it was a racial attack due to the word “monkey” being used (No, we aren’t joking).

In reality, President Trump is pointing out flaws of Gillum that Florida voters have been exposed to in recent weeks.

Most recently, Gillum was caught red-handed lying about accepting broadway tickets from an undercover FBI Agent investigating corruption. This may be the thievery President Trump is referring to, and also the corruption mentioned.

Gillum has also faced a series of controversies stirred up by conservative activist Jacob Engels, as a part of his “F*** Political Correctness Truth Tour.”

Engels, along with Big League Politics, exposed a now-fired staffer of Gillum who wore a shirt labeling the state of Florida as “Dumbf***istan,” as well as posting Tweets calling for execution of Donald Trump.

Gillum has been confronted about the staffer, but has said little to distance himself from him.

The most recent controversy comes from an event at a Synagogue where Gillum had Jewish investigative journalist, and Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer removed, despite her doing nothing to disrupt the event.

Throughout all these events, Gillum has been falling in the polls, moving from a healthy lead, to a race that is neck and neck.

Voters will ultimately decide who will be the next Governor of Florida on November 6th.


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