Trump Appointees Push Health Officials to ‘Flood’ States with Hydroxychloroquine to Save Coronavirus Patients

President Donald Trump’s appointees have been pressuring health officials to “flood” states with hydroxychloroquine to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

“WH call. Really want to flood Ny and NJ with treatment courses. Hospitals have it. Sick out patients don’t. And can’t get. So go through distribution channels as we discussed. If we have 29 million perhaps send a few million ASAP? WH wants follow up in AM,” wrote Brett Giroir, the administration’s COVID-19 testing czar and assistant secretary for health who is in charge of the U.S. Public Health Service.

Giroir issued the email on April 4 to influential officials including HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response Robert Kadlec, FEMA administrator Pete Gaynor, and Navy Rear Admiral John Polowczyk. He was adamant against the criticism in his push to save lives.

“NOPE. Needs to go to pharmacies as well,” Giroir wrote in response to skepticism from clueless federal bureaucrats. “The [emergency use authorization] matters not. The drug is approved [and] therefore can be prescribed as per doctor’s orders That is a FINAL ANSWER.”

Rick Bright, the top vaccine pusher within the administration, stood against the hydroxychloroquine because it might solve the crisis before shots could be forced into people. He claims he was forced out because of his opposition of the plan “to fund potentially dangerous drugs promoted by those with political connections.”

Hydroxychloroquine is such a miracle drug that even Democrat lawmakers are praising President Trump for helping get the word out about it:

A member of the Michigan legislature who was diagnosed with Chinese coronavirus is crediting hydroxychloroquine and President Trump’s suggestion of the drug’s effectiveness with saving her life.

Rep. Karen Whitsett of Detroit learned that she had tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, but began taking the drug last month when experiencing severe symptoms of the disease. She had sought treatment with her husband on March 18th after falling ill with symptoms associated with coronavirus.

After taking hydroxychloroquine, Whitsett recounted experiencing almost immediate relief from the debilitating symptoms of the virus. It took “less than two hours” after an initial dose that the most severe symptoms of the disease, such as swollen lymph nodes and difficulty breathing, were abated.

The use of hydroxychloroquine has proven a topic of contention, with mainstream media journalists hectoring Trump for suggesting that the drug could prove useful in treating the disease even after large numbers of doctors report preliminary success in using it to treat coronavirus. The drug isn’t yet certified by the FDA as a verifiable drug in treating the disease, but by all indications, it has proven to be a medical game-changer in numerous cases of the disease, including Whitsett’s case.

The political and medical establishment wants to keep hydroxychloroquine out of the hands of the people because it might solve the crisis they are exploiting in order to take power.

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