Trump-Backed Arizona Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Wants Hunter Biden ‘Charged with Child Molestation’ and ‘Behind Bars’

Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake believes it is a miscarriage of justice that Hunter Biden is not behind bars.

She made the comments during an appearance on Real America’s Voice that the lack of a prosecution for Hunter Biden shows there is a massive conspiracy going on throughout this country to undermine the rule of law.

“It’s pretty obvious, [the media] wanted Biden to win, they wanted Trump out of the White House. They withheld that incredibly damaging information. If that would have gotten out, there was no way Joe Biden would have won anywhere,” Lake said.

“And I remember reading a couple stories, I was always pushing to get that story out. I thought it was appalling. The fact that Hunter Biden is not sitting in a prison cell right now is outrageous,” she continued.

“Hunter Biden should be behind bars, charged for child molestation. He should be charged for the Logan Act violations. He should be charged for treason. It is outrageous what is on that laptop, and the media withholding that information from the good people of this country, I think that is a crime as well,” Lake added.

Her words can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Hunter Biden’s laptop since late 2020 when the shocking contents were revealed and then frantically covered up by the fake news media:

Rudy Giuliani made new shocking claims about the leaked contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop on Tuesday- a device the troubled younger Biden forfeited to a Delaware computer repairman when he declined to pick it up from repair services.

Giuliani claimed on Newsmax TV that the device contained pictures of “underage girls.”

Giuliani also shared a disturbing thread of text messages he attributes between Hunter and Joe Biden, in which the former describes engaging in highly questionable and sexually charged behavior. In one text, an individual Giuliani says is Hunter Biden describes a female associate telling his therapist that was “sexually inappropriate,” and that she refused to visit him out of fear that he “walk[ed] around naked smoking crack talijng[sic] to girls on face time .”

The text message goes on to describe “a very unsafe environment for the kids.

Giuliani is claiming that the text refers to “inappropriate” interactions that involved a “14-year old girl,” and that he’s seen images of “underage girls” that raise even further suspicions about the text message exchange.

If these texts are truly sent to Joe Biden himself, both members of the Biden family have some very, very serious explaining to do.”

Lake is correct that Hunter Biden deserves to be behind bars, but there is a different set of rules for politically-connected elites. Americans need leaders like Lake in office who will put an end to this system of institutional left-wing corruption that jeopardizes civilization.

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