Trump-Backed Republican Dr. Oz Presses Democrat Opponent John Fetterman to Debate in Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race

Dr. Memhet Oz, the celebrity doctor who Trump backed as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, is urging his opponent to step up and debate.

Oz is challenging his Democrat opponent John Fetterman to five separate debates. Fetterman is attempting to fly under the radar despite his questionable health and cognitive ability, Biden-style, into the U.S. Senate.

“Doctor Oz has agreed to five debates. John Fetterman has agreed to zero debates. If John is too sick to debate and is concerned he cannot stand in front of cameras for more than 10 minutes, then he should just say so,” Dr. Oz’s campaign communications director Brittany Yanick said.

“We’re sure voters would understand and so would we. Otherwise, he should pick some of the many debates Doctor Oz has agreed to or explain why he won’t agree to debate on KDKA on September 6th,” she added.

Fetterman’s cognitive ability has come into question after he has struggled to put together a sentence at recent campaign stops:

Big League Politics has reported on the encroachment of the far-left agenda in Pennsylvania under Democrat rule:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is no fan of the Second Amendment. While Republicans control both chambers of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Wolf’s occupancy of the Governor’s Mansion places a major roadblock on any pro-gun reforms. It also increases the level of threats gun owners in the Keystone State face.

For example, Tom Wolf shared an infographic that shows how individuals publishing photos of firearms on social media in addition to “cryptic messages,” could prompt a court to seize their firearms under the red flag gun confiscation law he’s proposing for the Keystone State.

“Red flag laws allow us to take action when someone who has a gun begins to act erratically,” Governor Wolf said in his post. As Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net noted, “In the social media age, this could include in online posts.“  “Red flag laws still require due process, and any removal of weapons is temporary,” Governor Wolf added.

Wolf has been critical of  Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee for not voting for what he described as “commonsense” bills to tackle gun violence in Pennsylvania…

Pennsylvania is a state that’s gradually re-aligning towards the Republican Party. The Second Amendment remains a hot-button issue even in states with traditional Democratic, working-class voters. While these voters may lean left on economic issues, they still hold strong pro-Second Amendment inclinations. 

Right-wing populists in Pennsylvania would be wise to capitalize on this and completely avoid the establishment Republican habit of turning to constructive republican alternative proposals (CRAP) to placate the Left. This is a losing strategy and will only guarantee the death of our rights.”

Dr. Oz may not be the most ideal candidate for U.S. Senate, but he is a far better choice than Fetterman. Fetterman has the ideology of Bernie Sanders with the wherewithal of Joe Biden. He will be run completely by far-left radicals as Senator.

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