Trump-Backed U.S. Rep Candidate Joe Kent: Fake News and Deep State Collude to Push War with Russia

Congressional candidate Joe Kent, a Trump-backed America First Republican in Washington State, explained how the fake news and deep state are colluding to push war with Russia during a recent appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“The rhetoric coming from the media, coming from the national security state, and many of our elected officials is just completely irresponsible,” Kent told Carlson on Thursday night.

“What I want to call people’s attention to is that we are the Iraq War generation. We’ve seen this movie before recently. Many of us, like myself, we went and we fought, and I lost my late wife fighting in these conflicts, and we know exactly how we were lied to. We can lay it out chapter in verse. The lies that the media told, the lies that the administration told, everyone can regurgitate those right now, and we’re seeing it all being parroted right now in this Ukraine war, in this effort to get into a conflict with Russia,” he continued.

“I think we need our lawmakers to actually respect the American people enough to come back to their districts from Congress like the Constitution says and to tell everyone what’s going to happen. If we’re going to continue to sanction Putin and call him a war criminal, like we did with Gaddafi and with Saddam, and, if we’re going to continue to send $14 billion of our own money over to Ukraine so they can fight Russia, what’s going to happen? What are the possible scenarios if we continue to push the Russian economy into the arms of the Chinese communist party? What’s going to happen to our economy? None of these discussions are being had; instead, we are watching the Road to the Iraq War, Part 2, except for this time, it might be World War 3 instead of a prolonged insurgency,” Kent added.

Kent’s words can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Kent has been a voice of reason on the Russia/Ukraine conflict from the start:

Trump-backed Congressional candidate Joe Kent, a Washington state Republican, appeared on War Room with Steve Bannon on Thursday to explain the underpinnings of the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

While the fake news media wants to act as if Russian President Vladimir Putin is engaging in unprovoked aggression through his actions in Ukraine, the truth is far more complicated. The stage was set for this conflict throughout decades of U.S. interventionist policies that have harmed national security interests greatly at the behest of the military-industrial complex.

“I’m disgusted. I feel like we’ve learned nothing from our post-9/11 wars from the lead-up to the Iraq War, the lies from the Iraq war, nothing from the lies unfolding from the disastrous withdrawal of Afghanistan,” Kent told Bannon.

Kent brought up Ukraine’s historic role as a buffer state that separated Russia from its geopolitical enemies in the West. This changed after the Maidan Revolution of 2014, which was a globalist-backed coup to encroach further on Russian sovereignty.

“We are also really taking our eye off the ball with the Chinese communist party and how they stand to benefit from this and how they can undermine our status as the prime reserve currency holder,” Kent said, adding that the “war machine GOP establishment” is engaging in “reckless talk” driving us closer to World War 3.

“I think all these members of Congress and all these senators who are willing to engage in this type of dialogue, but aren’t back in their districts right now explaining to their people what the vital national security interest is for the United States of America, they’re derelict in their duties,” he said, doubting whether the Ukrainian conflict is worth risking the blood of American military personnel.

Kent has earned the endorsement of President Trump. He is putting America First and doing his best to stop the military-industrial complex putting U.S. troops in harm’s way on another failed war abroad.

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