Trump Backers are Under Federal Investigation for Opposing Election Fraud, Submitting Alternate Slate of Electors

Trump backers in Michigan are now under federal investigation for opposing election fraud and submitting an alternate slate of electors after an unprecedented amount of irregularities and abnormalities occurred in the 2020 presidential election.

Even though the submission of an alternate slate of electors has a clear historical precedent in disputed elections, Democrats – aided by the Jan. 6 commission – are attempting to paint paperwork submitted by an alternative slate of electors in Michigan as some kind of “forgery” of election documents.

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel appeared on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show where she explained that she has referred her political enemies in the state to the feds for a possible criminal probe for submitting an alternative slate of electors. 

“Once those individuals see that they could possibly be facing prison time, I do think we’re gonna see some people flip,” Nessel said, “and we’ll get some further information as to who orchestrated this in the first place, who told these people to do this in exactly this fashion, and I think it may go all the way to the top.”

“What we have decided to do with the investigation, in light of the fact that of course we have seen, as you have pointed out multiple times now,” she told Maddow, “various different false slate of electors from [several] different states, in what seems to be a coordinated effort between the Republican Parties in various different states, we think this is a matter that is best investigated and potentially prosecuted by the feds.”

“Obviously, this is part of a much bigger conspiracy,” Nessel added, “and our hope is that the federal authorities and the Department of Justice, and United States Attorney General Merrick Garland, will take this in coordination with all the other information they’ve received, and make an evaluation as to what charges these individuals might face. I mean, I can think of many.”

Big League Politics reported on how Michigan GOP leaders denied the pro-Trump electors the ability to be heard after voter fraud was committed in the 2020 presidential election (It should come as no surprise that one of those GOP leaders has since been accused of incestual pedophilia):

Pro-Trump electors were blocked from entering the Michigan capitol building this afternoon, with GOP leadership working with reviled Governor Gretchen Whitmer to block them from the chamber.

Even though at least one Michigan lawmaker – state representative Matthew Maddock of Milford – arrived to accompany the pro-Trump electors, their civil rights were violated and they were kept out of the chamber by state police anyway.

Earlier in the day, Republican leaders in the Michigan legislature made it clear that they were gung ho about enforcing the vote steal and doing the dirty work of Gov. Whitmer.

Republican house speaker Lee Chatfield of Levering issued a groveling, obsequious letter of submission stating that he opposes all efforts to draft pro-Trump electors.”

Going after Trump backers who had the courage to oppose election fraud when it mattered may be the new strategy from the crooked feds and their allies to discourage anyone from opposing their illegal schemes in the future.

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