Trump Campaign Debuts New “American Worker” Hat

President Trump released a new campaign hat geared towards his blue collar supporters on his campaign website Monday, commemorating American workers.

The campaign’s new hat broadly identifies its wearer as an “American Worker,” promoting a sense of pride among those who build America’s buildings, work its farms, drive its trucks, and do so much more across the country.

It’s possible the President’s new hat could be the most popular he’s sold as a campaign hat since the original release of the legendary “Make America Great Again” cap that became a symbol of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and defiance against the corrupt political establishment.

The President hasn’t shied away from championing American workers, providing a contrast with previous Republican standard bearers such as Mitt Romney who preferred to almost exclusively focus on the interests of business owners.

Trump’s 2016 campaign made inroads with organized labor and union members in a fashion previously unprecedented for a Republican in recent history.

The Trump campaign stands poised to capture even more of the working-class vote in 2020 through holding strong to the President’s signature ‘MAGA’ policies of cracking down on wage-crushing mass immigration, fraudulent and deceptive trade practices from nations such as China.

Recently, a striking Michigan auto worker made a shock endorsement of President Trump live on CNN, explaining the Democrats’ latest Ukraine impeachment hoax had backfired and secured his support for the President in the 2020 election.

It’s more than likely that Trump ‘American Worker’ hats will be seen at the President’s campaign rallies in the coming months, and perhaps the President himself will chose to adorn it.

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