Trump Campaign Files Libel Lawsuit Against Washington Post

The Donald Trump for President campaign announced that it’s filing a libel lawsuit against the Washington Post on Tuesday, citing the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper’s publication of false allegations regarding supposed grand plots between Trump and Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

The suit was filed in Washington D.C’s US District Court. Trump attorneys David C. Tobin and Charles J. Harder are presiding over the President’s legal case.

The lawsuit is the second in the past month that the Trump campaign has filed against purveyors of the fake news Russian interference hoax, having filed a lawsuit against the failing New York Times for allegations that the President colluded with Russia.

The lawsuit cites an opinion piece published by the Post in 2019, far more recently than the Russian collusion claims made by the New York Times in 2017. The piece, “Trump just invited another Russian attack. Mitch McConnell is making one more likely,” claims that Robert Mueller’s empty Russian Interference Special Counsel investigation proved a sweeping narrative of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

The lawsuit seeks compensation in the “millions of dollars” from the Post for its defamation of the President. Considering the entity is owned by the world’s richest man- Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of over 80 billion dollars- it’s conceivable that it could be placed on the hook for an expensive settlement.

The all-encompassing narrative peddled by liberal mainstream media entities of Russian collusion is wholly bankrupt after years of bogus investigations and sensational journalism. Perhaps a hefty settlement requiring fake news purveyors to pay compensation for false allegations will prove enough to make them think twice about claiming foreign interference plots without any evidence.


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