Trump Campaign Manager Dubs Facebook “Palo Alto Mafia”

President Donald J. Trump’s campaign manager fired shots at a Silicon Valley tech giant for banning an Republican ad deemed “racist.”

“So, have chosen to stand with those ILLEGALLY IN THIS COUNTRY. Instead of standing with LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and those that follow our laws. The and are trying to control what you see and how you think. STOP THE CARAVAN!” Brad Parscale said on Twitter Monday morning, tagging Facebook.

The ad in question is not racist, but rather a repudiation of illegal immigration as a whole. The fake news media decided to make the ad about race in order to sow divisiveness, as they so often do.

Here is what the American public is not allowed to see, except on Trump’s Twitter feed:

Big League Politics reported:

The mainstream press has been faux-outraged about a political ad broadcasted by President Donald J. Trump for several days, deeming it “racist” with precisely zero evidence.

“It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country. Vote Republican now!” Trump captioned a Tweet displaying the ad.

The ad features proud cop-killer and illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes, who smiled and laughed as he was arraigned in court, telling the judge that he wished he had killed more police officers.

The point of the ad was obviously to highlight the fact that illegal immigration is a problem promulgated by the Democrat party, but of course the mainstream press focused on the fact that Bracamontes is Latino.

Parscale’s nickname is apt for those companies in Silicon Valley, Facebook included, that refuse to allow conservative ideas to even exist online.

Consequently, many of those tech giants were hit with an FEC complaint for election interference after banning prominent conservative commentators and journalists from their platforms.

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