Trump Campaign Official Repeatedly Attacks Infowars After Its Facebook Ban

The Trump 2020 campaign is making it known that they hate Alex Jones’ “Infowars,” which has been de-platformed after helping President Donald Trump defeat Swamp political operators and win the presidency in 2016. (RELATED: Boehner Lackey DeStefano Is Making Swamp Hires In The White House, Keeping Good Info Off The President’s Desk).

Matt Wolking, a former John Boehner flack who is now the campaign’s deputy communications director for rapid response, has repeatedly insulted Infowars. Alex Jones has many more fans than Matt Wolking does, so it remains unclear what kind of value-add Wolking is actually providing to the campaign. But that’s not the point. The Trump campaign people are mostly not interested in winning, just trying to further marginalize the independent journalists they hate for existing outside of their worthless approved narrative system.

As I reported in the home stretch of the 2016 campaign (during which I was setting records for most Drudge links, not that Matt Wolking or his friends would ever admit it), the Ohio Republican Party and its establishment led by John Kasich totally abandoned Trump, forcing the tea party to win Ohio on the ground. After Trump won, the establishment people kicked all the Trump supporters out as best they could, and that nonsense continues to this day.

Wolking also re-tweeted this person about how it’s bad to conflate “extremists” (presumably referring to Jones, Loomer, Milo etc.) with “mainstream conservatives” like the kind who post boring establishment opinions on Twitter.

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