Trump Campaign Spy Stefan Halper ‘Vanished’

Stefan Halper, the longtime Bush-connected CIA asset who set up Carter Page and George Papodouplos for FBI surveillance, reportedly “vanished” in September 2017 as the plot of the Obama-Gate conspiracy became exposed.

True Pundit reports: Stefan Halper is officially missing. And he has been for a long time.

The shocking revelation adds more intrigue to an already mysterious and illicit story unfolding inside the FBI. It would appear someone with top access in the FBI likely tipped Halper off in the fall of 2017 to go underground, or perhaps something worse is at play.

“He went underground,” one federal law enforcement source said. “We don’t think he is dead but he might be playing dead.”

Halper is a professor at the University of Cambridge in the UK. No one has seen him there in months. Halper is an American citizen living in the UK. With an expertise in Chinese culture and commerce, Halper could be somewhere in Asia, one source said.

And FBI sources said they fear he’s “in the wind.”

Just like a cheap spy novel.

Sources said they have canvassed Halper’s associates and relatives in Virginia and West Virginia and they do not know Halper’s current whereabouts. Halper was last seen in public at a White House meeting in August, as far as sources can recount.

So where is Halper now?

FBI sources said you might have to ask recently fired or departed high-ranking members of the FBI where Halper is. And how to contact him. James Comey. Andrew McCabe. James Baker. Another key witness of FBI corruption is missing and unreachable.
Perhaps John Brennan knows of Halper’s whereabouts. Halper previously worked for the CIA too…

Halper reportedly flew Trump foreign policy aide Papadopoulos to London and quizzed him on alleged Russian efforts to boost the Trump campaign and undermine Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton…”

True Pundit passage ends

Watch Our Video Episode of Howley Reports with Roger Stone, who flags Stefan Halper as the spy:

Big League Politics reported:

Reported President Donald Trump campaign spy Stefan Halper was paid more than $1 million by the federal government beginning in 2012 during the Obama administration.
The longtime Deep State operative and Cambridge professor — popularly linked to the Bush dynasty — set up Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, an outsider Trump adviser who never spoke to the president and an unknown volunteer, respectively, by inviting them to England at a key moment in the campaign to begin surveilling them.

Insiders believe that Australian intelligence was integrally involved in Halper’s scheme.

So now it’s time to ask: Why did Halper get paid more than $400,000 in taxpayer money at the exact September 2016 moment when the Hillary Clinton campaign was going all-in on the “Russia collusion” hoax based on wiretaps of Carter Page?



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