Trump Challenger Joe Walsh Once Called for Islamic Terror Attack Against CNN and MSNBC

Former one-term U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh announced that he is challenging Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President in 2020 today.

While desperate Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin want to re-invent Walsh as if he is some kind of voice of reason, he has a history of making incendiary comments on Twitter that put him in the extreme fringe of the political spectrum.

Another Twitter comment has been unearthed of Walsh talking about the fake news. Instead of just calling out their lies like President Trump frequently does, he wished an Islamic terror attack on the smear merchants of MSNBC and CNN.

The fake news is willing to give Walsh a pass though for his violent rhetoric if it means his candidacy can possibly hurt Trump’s chances to retain the presidency in 2020.

While the media promotes Walsh as if he is a legitimate contender to challenge Trump, it is not likely that he will do any better than other GOP has-beens with presidential ambitions like former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld or former South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford.

The Never Trumpers do not have any formidable options to choose from within the conservative movement to sabotage the election on behalf of the Democrats in 2020.

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