Trump Criticizes the Biden Regime’s Deployment of Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Former President Donald Trump sharply criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine. He believes that in doing so Biden is “dragging” the United States “into World War III” with this latest escalatory measure.

“Joe Biden should not be dragging us further toward World War III by sending cluster munitions to Ukraine—he should be trying to END the war and stop the horrific death and destruction being caused by an incompetent administration,” Trump proclaimed in the statement he published on July 11, 2023.

“These unexploded cluster munitions will be killing and maiming innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children for decades to come, long after the war—we pray—has ended,” Trump continued.

Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged at the time that Ukraine had depleted its ammunition stock. This new reality has propelled the US to escalate its military aid provision in the form of cluster bombs. “It was a very difficult decision on my part. And by the way, I discussed this with our allies, I discussed this with our friends up on the Hill,” he commented. He then spilled the beans on Ukraine’s munitions situation: “The Ukrainians are running out of ammunition.” 

In light of these revelations made by Biden, Trump stated this “only further emphasizes the urgency of immediately deescalating this bloody, dangerous, and out of control conflict.” 

“It certainly means we should not be sending Ukraine our last stockpiles at a time when our own arsenals, according to Crooked Joe Biden, are so perilously diminished,” the former president highlighted, emphasizing that doling out tens of billions over to Ukraine has “tremendously weakened” the US.

“Joe Biden is needlessly and dangerously leading us into World War three, which would be a nightmare beyond imagination—obliteration!” Trump said in a concluding remark.

No matter what people say about former President Trump, he is the only peace candidate on the Republican side in the 2024 presidential elections. While Trump is no principled non-interventionist, he has strong political instincts on the policy issues that matter. 

Generally speaking, Trump understands that American foreign policy is a total mess. For that reason, he advocated for restraint on the foreign policy issues that matter.

If anyone is serious about bringing about a humble foreign policy, Trump is the only candidate in this presidential election cycle that will see this through.

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