Trump-Endorsed Candidate Files Complaint Against Democrat Secretary of State’s Unlawful Ouster From Ballot

Trump-endorsed Michigan state house candidate Jon Rocha is filing a legal challenge against Democrat secretary of state Jocelyn Benson after she threw several candidates from the upcoming August primary ballot based on technicalities.

Rocha was among the candidates affected in the bloodbath where Benson removed upstart, mostly pro-Trump challengers from the ballot as the Uniparty abuses the law to protect their tenuous grip on power.

Benson, who was previously a Southern Poverty Law Center board member before rising to the role of Michigan secretary of state, accused Rocha and 10 other candidates of “false statements” regarding “compliance with the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.” Rocha strongly disputes this allegation and has filed a legal complaint to reinstate his rights.

In Rocha’s complaint obtained by Big League Politics, his attorneys outline the timeline with explicit evidence showing that Rocha paid all outstanding fees eleven days prior to their due date. Any notice from the Secretary of State’s office was not received by Rocha or his treasurer until days after he filed the affidavit of identity for his seat. 

“Michigan election law is not to be wielded in a way that unjustly prejudices a candidate. It should be interpreted and applied in a way that invites every-day people to run for office—not only those who can hire professional teams of campaign operatives,” Rocha’s legal team writes in their complaint.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the SOS office has been notoriously inefficient and unresponsive to Michigan residents. It appears Benson is using her own office’s lack of competence and effectiveness in order to disenfranchise her political opinion. Perhaps this is what Soros’ operatives trained her to do during her days with the SPLC.

“In the interest of justice, out of responsiveness to the voters of the State of Michigan, and in order for Defendants to meet their statutory deadline in certifying the candidates for the primary election ballots, notifying county boards of elections, and allowing adequate time for the preparation of ballots, it is imperative that this Court take immediate action,” Rocha’s complaint argues.

Big League Politics has reported on Michigan emerging as the most important background state for the rising America First movement:

President Donald Trump congratulated the two outsiders who he backed in convention elections after they won the Republican nominations for Attorney General and Secretary of State in this year’s upcoming midterms.

Trump wrote a laudatory message to Matt Deperno and Kristina Karamo, the two individuals who won their respective nominations for Attorney General and Secretary of State despite having no political experience. Deperno is an attorney who represented a high-profile election fraud case pertaining to irregularities in vote-tabulating computers. Karamo is a Christian patriot who witnessed voter fraud firsthand while volunteering as a poll challenger reviewing absentee ballots in Detroit on election night.

“Congratulations to Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo on their tremendous victories on Saturday evening in Michigan. This is just the beginning. They easily beat their RINO challengers because Matt and Kristina are unafraid to speak honestly about the Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential Election. Now onto November, where they will fight, and win, against Michigan’s Radical Left Democrats. Great job!” Trump stated…

Independent journalist Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up was a voting delegate at Saturday’s Michigan GOP convention and witnessed the massive Trump movement victory first hand. She spoke on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast to describe the significance of the win. A clip of her appearance can be accessed here.

Big League Politics will provide updates on Rocha’s important civil rights lawsuit as it proceeds through the courts.

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