Trump-Endorsed Congressional Candidate Steve Carra Hit with Bogus Accusation of Assault at Michigan Forensic Audit Rally

Michigan state representative Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) has been accused of committing assault after speaking during a historic forensic audit rally that took place on Tuesday.

The allegation has spread on social media, posted on Facebook by Charles Ritchard of Oceana County, claiming that Carra “threatened and accosted, molested or assaulted” him during the rally. There is no video evidence that has been produced to substantiate any of these claims.

Carra, who is primary challenging pro-impeachment RINO Fred Upton for U.S. Congress and has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, spoke to Big League Politics to clear the air regarding the situation. 

Carra said that he was heckled by Ritchard who disrupted his speech with a megaphone in order to rattle the Trump-endorsed candidate. In the livestream of the video, an event organizer can be heard telling a heckler that their commentary against Carra to disrupt the event was not appreciated.

Carra explained that he approached Ritchard after his speech, briefly and gently touching Ritchard’s shoulder to get his attention, which then prompted the attention-starved activist to play the victim in a sad plea reminiscent of the Radical Left.

The state lawmaker does not believe that Ritchard and similar voices are fueled by malice or any support of RINOs, but rather have fallen into a downward spiral of toxicity and negativity that is harming the success of the grassroots.

“I think there are voices in the grassroots who are well intentioned but are so toxic, negative, and divisive that they are immensely hurting the America First movement and the very cause they believe in,” Carra said.

“Those of us who are fighting for election integrity are working hard to cement President Trump’s legacy in the Republican Party, and these attacks are really misguided and counterproductive. The grassroots is bigger than ever before. We would be wise not to squander our momentum with unnecessary infighting among the grassroots. The establishment and radical left are the problem,” he added, stressing the need to “unite” before we “lose our country.”

At the rally, Carra spoke in favor of achieving a full forensic audit through a ballot initiative and explained the duplicity from the state legislature regarding the issue of election fraud.

“My question is why have we passed dozens of election integrity bills if there was no problem with the last election? We’ve passed some good bills, like saying that the machines can’t be connected to the internet. I appreciate that, but why do the machines have the capability to even be connected to the internet?” Carra asked.

“These machines are too complicated. They’re rife for fraud… We have major issues from the last election, and, if we want to have fair, honest and transparent elections, we need to demand a full forensic audit,” he added. His full speech can be found at the 16:06 mark of the RSBN coverage of the event here.

Big League Politics reported on Carra’s heroic lawsuit for election integrity, based off of the viral #DetroitLeaks reports showing how poll worker trainers laughed about how COVID-19 rules would be exploited to deny poll challengers their rights on election night, before he was even elected to the state legislature:

One day after vowing to fight a crucial voter integrity lawsuit in the courts, the Michigan attorney general’s office has conceded to demands that plaintiffs believe will clarify the role of poll challengers in the state.

The case was heard in the Michigan Court of Claims, which springs from shocking #DetroitLeaks revelations that show election workers cackling as their instructor explains how they will be able to use COVID-19 social distancing rules to disenfranchise poll challengers.

Attorneys Philip Ellison and Matt Gronda appeared on behalf of the plaintiffs, state representative candidate Stephen Carra and electoral integrity watchdog Bob Cushman. Assistant attorney general Erik Grill attended on behalf of Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel.

“At this point, your honor, I am happy to report that the parties and the attorneys have been working very diligently this morning to try and reach a resolution, and I’m happy to report that we have,” Gronda said.

He explained that the secretary of state’s office will be sending out an explicit notice before Oct. 29 at 5pm that makes clear the rights of poll challengers and watchers.

Gronda said that the new directive would be approximate to this: “Challengers and poll watchers have certain rights and responsibilities established by Michigan election law. Challengers and poll watchers are required to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth to the extent medically able to do so consistent with the MDHHS order and maintain social distancing while not performing their legal duties.”

“Challengers and poll watchers should maintain at least six feet of distance between themselves and election workers and voters as reasonably possible. However, to the extent that it is necessary to temporarily stand in closer proximity to election workers, to have a challenge heard, to observe the poll book, or perform any other legal duty, challengers and poll watchers are permitted to do so, provided close personal interaction is as brief as possible,” the new directive continues.

“Once a challenge or necessary observation is complete, challengers and poll watchers should resume remaining six feet away from voters and poll workers,” the directive concludes. Gronda noted that the state would be entering into a binding written agreement with the plaintiffs.”

Activist leader and Rescue Michigan founder Adam de Angeli spoke to Big League Politics about the need for conservative activists to keep their bearings and refrain from engaging in humiliating behavior just because they are frustrated.

“People need to stop indulging ridiculous accusations just because they’re frustrated with the GOP. There’s plenty of legitimate reasons to be frustrated, but spreading rumors, lies, and malice is just irresponsible and self-destructive,” De Angeli said.

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