Trump Exits Obama’s Iran Deal

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that the United States will withdraw from the nuclear deal that Barack Obama and John Kerry negotiated with Iran.

Most people in the know believe that Iran was not abiding by the deal and was doing nothing to curtail its own nuclear ambitions — and still others in the know believe that Iran already has at least one nuclear weapon that it hasn’t disclosed.

Nevertheless, President Trump is keeping a campaign promise, and we will have to see what happens next. Rudy Giuliani and others close to Trump are advocating for regime change in Iran, a top priority for neoconservatives. But Trump has so far steadfastly refused to launch major ground invasions in the Middle East, even after his neocon advisers implored him to send 100,000 ground troops into Iraq and coordinated with anti-Trump Deep State conspirators to keep him on defense in internal foreign policy negotiations.

Here is President Trump’s speech:

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