Trump Hates Germs and Tested His Dates For AIDS, Undermining Evidence-Free Rape Claim

President Donald Trump is a well-known opponent of germs, which further undermines the evidence-free story put forth by E. Jean Carroll that Trump raped her years ago. Carroll said that she will not pursue charges against Trump because that would be disrespectful to rape victims on the border, and rambled about how most people think rape is sexy due to their “fantasies” in a bizarre Anderson Cooper interview Monday night.

“It is a well known fact that Trump is a germaphobe. He gives out hand sanitizer to reporters, asks people to leave the room if they cough, and used to have  women go to his doctor for an AIDS test before dating them. If these facts are pointed out to the public how could anyone in their right mind continue to actually believe that Trump stuck his thing in that woman especially without putting on a condom?!,” our tipster writes to Big League Politics.

Consider this passage from the Daily Beast headlined “Stay Classy: Trump Used To Test His Dates For AIDS.”

“But his fear of disease goes well beyond his worries about catching a cold from glad handers. According to an early ‘90s Associated Press article, Trump—then a “newly eligible bachelor”—talked about how he asked women to agree to an AIDS test at his doctor’s office before he would take them out on a date.”

“It’s one of the worst times in the history of the world to be dating,” he explained in late June 1991, roughly four months before Magic Johnson announced that he tested HIV-positive, and before Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died of AIDS.”

Daily Beast passage ends

Our tipster continues: “In regards to the Stormy Daniels accusation–I didn’t believe that one either because of her ridiculous claim that Trump didn’t use a condom. She was a porn actress for Pete’s sake. Almost all the people in the porn business have herpes–something that germaphobe Trump would NOT risk since it can be caught even when a condom is used and even when outbreaks are not active. Not to mention the risks of AIDS, chlamydiae, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis  etc. that unprotected contact with Daniels would have exposed him to. In addition Daniels was young enough to get pregnant. Trump would not have been stupid enough to have risked that since he would have been on the hook for millions in child support.”

Stormy Daniels did, in fact, tell Anderson Cooper that Trump did not use a condom when he allegedly had an affair with her.

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