Trump Hits Fake News Washington Post’s ‘Jeff Bozo’

President Trump expressed his condolences Sunday night in a tweet to Jeff ‘Bozo’ Bezos, the oligarch owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, for being profiled in a National Enquirer adultery scandal. Bezos, the world’s richest man, had been carrying out an affair with a TV anchor named Lauren Sanchez, while both were married. The billionaire oligarch has now announced he’s undergoing a divorce.

Bezos, who’s massive net worth is said to sum up to a total of $137 billion, stands to part ways with a great portion of his Amazon fortune in forecasted divorce proceedings. His wife, Mackenzie Bezos, could become the world’s wealthiest woman from the divorce settlement alone. It’s entirely plausible that President Trump’s desire to see the fake news Washington Post separated from Bezos’ ownership could come to fruition due to this.

The expose published by the Enquirer included revelations of love poems Bezos had sent to his mistress, and claims to have discovered lewd photos intended for his lover that remain unpublished.

Divorce and adultery are always tragic, and the personal lives of private individuals are often best left unexposed. However, as one the wealthiest and most powerful individuals on the entire planet, a different standard of public accountability is applicable to Bezos, contrary to the assertions of mainstream news personalities seeking to propagandize on behalf of the interests of their billionaire daddies.

Seeing the billionaire oligarch publicly exposed for personal indiscretions also comes as somewhat of a irony to privacy and Fourth Amendment advocates. Bezos’ digital retail giant Amazon has engaged in extensive partnerships with the Central Intelligence Agency, no doubt with the effect of enabling the mass surveillance and data collection operations carried out by American intelligence agencies on the unwitting public.


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