Trump Judicial Nominee Gets Attacked by the Fake News for Staunch Pro-Life Views

Steven Menashi, a Trump judicial nominee to the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals, is receiving sharp criticism for previous claims that late-term abortion procedures amount to infanticide, while criticizing the use of morning after pills.

The judicial nominees made these comments in two separate editorials for The Dartmouth Review, while he was attending Dartmouth College in 2001.

Describing one procedure, Menashi wrote, “The baby sometimes dies in birth, but is often delivered alive. Denied medical care, the baby typically lives one or two hours before expiring.”

Abortion has become a hot issue again with several states like Georgia and Alabama passing pro-life legislation and the Supreme Court becoming more conservative thanks to Trump’s judicial nominees.

CNN’s KFile recounted in August that Menashi had a track record of deriding feminists, diversity efforts, and gay rights groups in his college columns and other writings. His bold positions drew questions throughout his confirmation.

Furthermore, Menashi was critical of the accessibility of morning-after pills on his college campus. In an article titled “The College on the Pill,” Menashi argues that morning after pills are abortion pills not contraceptives.

Menashi wrote, “The morning-after pill may, in fact, act as a contraceptive by inhibiting or delaying ovulation before fertilization has occurred. But there is a third case, in which the emergency contraceptive prevents an already fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.”

The modern-day Left is not playing games anymore. Still not accepting that they lost in 2016, they will try to derail all of Trump’s political moves in critical areas such as the judiciary.


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