Trump Makes Fun of Beto O’Rourke’s Goofy Jazz Hands, ‘Is He Crazy Or Is That Just The Way He Acts?’

Trump Makes Fun of Beto Hand Gestures

Responding to Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s announcement that he is running for president, President Donald J. Trump took note of his excited hand gestures.

President Trump took note of O’Rourke’s strange hand gestures he seems to make whenever speaking before an audience, saying he’s “never seen anything quite like it.”

“I think he’s got a lot of hand movement, I’ve never seen that much hand movement,” said President Trump, “I said, ‘Is he crazy, or is that just the way he acts?’

He went on, “I watched him a little while this morning, during what I assume was some kind of news conference, and I’ve actually never seen anything quite like it,” then instructed observers to “Study it, and I’m sure you’ll agree.”

The president is referencing the nonstop hand gestures O’Rourke made during his presidential announcement video, which including hand wringing, pointing, waving, and strange wiping gestures throughout the entire three minute video.

President Trump is not the first to notice O’Rourke using his hands to punctuate nearly every single word in his presidential announcement video.

Elaine Godfrey, who reports on politics for The Atlantic, joked on Twitter that the “level of gesticulation just isn’t sustainable” while quoting O’Rourke’s announcement video.

Scott Adams, the comic writer and long time persuasion expert who supports President Trump called the remark “hilariously effective persuasion,” and joked “Try NOT looking at Beto’s jazz hands the next time he talks. You can’t. You won’t even hear what he’s saying.”

While O’Rourke formally announced his campaign via the video this morning, he had already spilled the beans via text message to a local TV station, confirming his intention to run. O’Rourke, who previously assured Texans he had no desire to run for president, now says he is “born” to be President of the United States.

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