Trump Promised to Repeal Biden Regime’s Electric Vehicle Mandates

Former President Donald Trump is promising to repeal President Joe Biden’s Electric Vehicle (EV) mandates while cautioning American auto workers that their jobs will disappear within two years if Democrats’ political desires become a reality.

 34,000 auto workers nationwide went on strike against General Motors (GM), Ford, and Stellantis as they attempted to negotiate a new contract with higher wages to maintain pace with record inflation in addition to promises that their jobs will not disappear as a result of the Biden regime’s EV mandates.

In a video message to United Auto Workers (UAW) members, Trump said he will get rid of Biden’s EV mandates, which he says will eliminate their jobs within two years.

“I will repeal Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate and I will do everything in my power to achieve a drastic reduction in the cost of a new car. I will get the prices way down so that you can afford the lifestyle your family deserves,” Trump said the following below:

“If you’re a United Auto Worker, or an auto worker of any standard of any state, I don’t care, they’re going to destroy your business. Within two years, you’re not going to have a job. I’m going to bring back jobs. I’m going to bring back the manufacture of automobiles in our country. Millions and millions of automobiles are brought into our country every year. And we’re going to now make our own automobiles like we used to many years ago.”

“Tell your union head … tell him to not endorse the Democrats who are going to put you out of business. You’re going to be out of a job. Doesn’t matter what you get on an hourly basis, you’ll be out of a job within two years. I’m going to make you rich. I’m going to get you a job. You’re going to make a lot of money and you’re going to make a lot of cars. We’re going to bring back the car industry to America.”

Trump criticized Biden’s EV mandates for rising car prices for working and middle-class Americans.

“Car prices are up nearly 30% since I left office with the average new car now costing an astonishing $50,000 and more,” Trump said. “The typical car payment is now almost $750 a month. It’s a war on American automobiles and it’s a war on the American family and a war on the American dream because it really is.”

“Biden’s electric vehicle mandate and his insane fuel economy standards … are forcing car companies to drastically raise prices and even eliminate their affordable gas-powered models altogether which people want,” he continued. “… to comply with Biden’s mandate, automakers have no choice but to push consumers toward their ultra-expensive electric models. And if they don’t, they’re punished with hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.”

While electric vehicles have every reason to exist, they should only be supplied by the market not via government mandates. Unfortunately, there’s no respect for free markets or limited government in the US. So crony capitalism will continue apace.

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