Trump Is Right. Gender Politics Is Out Of Control

It’s been quite a week in American gender politics.

President Trump just announced that transgender people will be effectively banned from military service in the United States, on the grounds that our military doesn’t need that type of distraction, and that taxpayers don’t need to be paying for gender reassignment surgeries and a lifetime of hormone therapy for soldiers. I can’t help but wonder what the framers of our Constitution would make of all this.

In any case, President Trump is actually upholding a policy that had been in place forever – one that Obama attempted to change towards the end of his presidency. That small factoid seems to be lost on the political left. They’re not exactly the party of nuance.

The left is losing its collective mind over what it perceives an egregious act of bigotry – one that affects a grand total of about  2,450 active military members. The hysteria is extreme even by their standards, and they’ve been reporting on non-existent Russian election collusion for almost a year. (Side note: The press continues to cry wolf, sensationalizing every story about the Trump administration, thereby desensitizing the public to their “news”. They’ve signed their death warrant and will never be taken seriously again).

But is there merit to President Trump’s new transgender decree? Science says yes.

A recent study shows that 44.1% of transgender people exhibit symptoms of depression. The military already disqualifies people with depression from joining, on the grounds that depression is a mental illness. About half the transgender soldiers would already be disqualified from joining on these grounds alone.

Some (including myself) would argue that transgenderism is a mental disorder in itself. Dr. Paul McHugh, distinguished professor of psychiatry at John’s Hopkins University, would concur. Dr. McHugh has authored six books and 125 peer-reviewed studies. He notes that transgenderism is a mental disorder in that a person’s “assumption” of sex does not match the physical reality of his or her physical reality. It is akin to an anorexic person looking in the mirror and thinking that her or she is overweight, according to Dr. McHugh.

He also notes that the suicide rate among transgender people who have gone through reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than that of non-transgender people, and that 70-80% of children who express transgender feelings spontaneously change their mind and decide that they are not transgender.

It is also well documented that the attempted suicide rate after gender reassignment surgery is actually higher than non-transitioned transgender people, 45% compared to 41%. Both are markedly higher than the 4.6% attempted suicide rate among the general population.

Despite what the media and Bruce “The Gender Bender” Jenner will tell you about the transgender lifestyle, there are real mental health implications afoot when it comes to transgenderism. Bruce Jenner, after all, is a wealthy celebrity. Though he’s part of a reality TV show, his life does not match the reality of the vast majority of transgender people. Given the serious nature of military service and national security, President Trump’s better-safe-than-sorry approach is smart.

Interestingly, no one has mentioned the political left’s logical inconsistency in this debate. They have long fought to keep weapons out of the hands of “mentally ill” people. It seems, though, that they’re fine with the mentally ill owning and operating weapons, as long as the illness is transgenderism and the mentally ill person wants to join the armed forces. What a ridiculous double standard!

This nonsense has infected all of media.

Bill Nye The “Science Guy” is up for an Emmy for his Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World. The series is popular for Nye’s cringeworthy “Sex Junk” video.

To save you the trouble of watching the video – and vomiting your lunch – here’s a summary: Rachel Bloom is introduced by Nye, and proceeds to the stage to sing/rap a poorly written, non-rhythmic excuse for a song that purports, among other things, that gender exists “on a spectrum.”

This claim is the new-ish fad from the LGBT crowd (read: Democrats). The claim is that you are not born a male or a female, but that you exist somewhere on a spectrum of 56 genders. The number 56 is not set in stone either, but constantly evolving as delusional leftists continue to make up new identities.

For an example of what we’re dealing with, one of the 56 genders is termed “Bigender.” This is the gender which a person identifies as male sometimes, and female other times. How convenient! Perhaps I’ll start identifying as Bigender so I can try out for a WNBA team. I think I’d make a great 6th (wo)man, for say, the LA Sparks. But if I were to do so, I’d only want to be a woman when it comes to games and practices. I’d have to identify as a male on the business side of things so as to avoid the nefarious gender “pay gap”.

Additionally, Facebook recently changed its gender preferences to allow users to choose one of the 56 aforementioned genders, as well as adding the option of listing your specific gender pronoun. For now, Facebook will only allow you to choose “they” if your preference is to use a gender neutral pronoun, though it is grammatically abhorrent to use “they” in the singular. I’m sure that Facebook will soon add some other popular but made-up pronouns like “xi” and “thon” which are often used on university campuses by people fully grown adults who still haven’t decided if they are a man or woman. I’d like my gender pronouns to be Smith/Wesson. Perhaps I’ll submit my request to Zuckerberg.

In all seriousness, none of this gender spectrum nonsense is backed by any hard science. According to every intro to biology textbook, a person born with two X chromosomes is a female, and a person born with an X and Y chromosome is a male.

The contention from leftist sociology departments on university campuses is that sex is, in fact, determined by chromosomes, while gender is a social construct. Essentially, people with nothing better to do are making the case that conflation of the terms “sex” and “gender” is wrong. With that sort of scholarly research on their resumes, it’s no wonder why sociology students have a difficult time finding work after university.

In any case, we’re back to playing identity politics. One might think that the left would have sworn off this type of political rhetoric after their embarrassing loss back in November. In the absence of any real political message, they’re back to labeling their political foes as bigots. This has not worked so well recently, but they refuse to learn from the mistake.

Gender politics is running amuck in America, and for strategy purposes, the Republicans might be best served to simply let it lie.

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