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SOURCES: China Hacked Hillary. But Were They Really Chinese?



Some sources in the intelligence community that American intel assets were involved in hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and that one of the agents who had the names of the hackers is now in prison because of what he knew.

Jerry Lee and Kellie O’Brien. Names no one is talking about and everyone should. One is a female version of Strzok (O’Brien) and the other is a patriot (Lee, who is incarcerated).

Before we delve into them let’s refresh our memory on Clapper, Comey, and Brennan conversations in 2017. They were trying to build a case to have the court decide that President Trump’s presidential win was illegitimate based on hacks and supposed Russian Collusion. That is where the Mueller plan manifested. This is common knowledge. Patriots understand that this is #DeepState101 and the #ImWithHer camp angry over her loss see it as their necessary plan to excuse their defeat, according to insiders.

Insiders believe that intel was intentionally dropped by Clapper, Brennan, Comey and other operatives to start the narrative when they knew they were losing.

We know from Lisa Page’s testimony — according to an insider leak — that it was the Chinese hacking, as exclusively and first reported by the TRUE PUNDIT. Why is the MSM and “Intelligence agencies” beating the dead horse and forcing our President to say he “trusts them” and still peddling the Russia story?

In 2007 North Korea envoys met with the Bush Administration and decided to go forward on a Nuclear deal and then Hillary Clinton announced her bid for President.

“Lots of us quit. A lot of us decided our hard work under Bush, though hindered by the 7th floor and others was at least getting something done and then she happened. We knew that was the end of it. Obama was bad, but she would have been worse and with all the stuff we knew like his citizenship, Pakistan relations and socialist views we didn’t think the media would skate over it. I guess because he would be the first black President they didn’t care that everything about him was shady. The MSM had orders and they marched “ said a source who spoke to Big League Politics.

In 2007 and 2008 a lot of clandestine operatives called it quits. John Kyriakou, during that year exposed some parts of the CIA, and he was in Pakistan. The intelligence community knew that their best were all bowing out but didn’t understand why. It’s now 2018 and THREE Chinese linked operatives are VISIBLY arrested. We can’t see all of them because most are working in government in other areas or completely off grid, but those we can see we can report on. #Cleaners

Also, Peter Strzok’s wife Melissa Hodgman at the Securities and Exchange Commission began investigating Chinese companies all around the same time, according to sources.


“Lee is a great guy. As a handler he was forthcoming, straight to the point and guided his assets every step of the way” said our source.

According to his indictment, he left the CIA in 2007. In 2012 he arrived in Hawaii with his family and for some reason unbeknownst to anyone even the courts. According to the affidavit, the FBI surveilled his hotel and then without Lee’s knowledge searched his and his family’s personal belongings and found his extensive pocket litter.

Remember Lee was a cut-out and not a throwaway like many others that left. But why the interest? As the affidavit states he and his family then traveled to Virginia where they stayed until June 2013. Again, when they stayed at the hotel in Fairfax, they searched his belongings and again determined he was still in possession of the materials they determined to be a crime. He was a target and they documented every single interaction, exchange and or discussion. Did he evade detection? Possibly, since the affidavit states they questioned him in May and June of 2013 directly? Was this official questioning? If so, why did he leave with the pocket litter? Why didn’t they file charges then?


Kellie O’Brien has been with the FBI for 24 years. Her profile is tidier than Strzok Jr.’s. We know she lives in Alexandria (or did) she is a mother and married. She now identifies as an agent of counterintelligence where she investigates espionage and retention of classified information. Guess she was part of the Hillary Clinton investigation? Was she on the Mueller team? We will let you find that yourself. What we do know is that Kellie is Brennan’s cleaner for APAC. Her cases ALL focus on the Far East.

She has been targeting many former and current clandestine operatives since late 2016 but more actively in 2017. See the indictment for Candace Clairborne an “office manager” and Jerry Lee’s indictment. Why are they so proximal for old supposed “crimes”? Why now?

Lee’s book had names and details of assets in all of APAC, according to sources. That is actually normal. Most handlers do. Real names though? That is a stretch but could happen. Some operatives are cocky, sloppy and have the attitude we saw Strzok dish at the hearing.

With all that in mind, here is how the narrative was supposed to go IN CASE someone told the truth like Lisa Page, according to insiders. People believe that Lee’s book had the names of assets that were involved in hacking Hillary. “In our line of work, you have to have insurance. A dead man switch, something in case they decide you are a throw away or liability while in or after you leave,” said a source.

Wikileaks had dropped serious intel showing the world that you can hack and code altering origination. He dropped intel showing that someone in France could hack into the US and make it look like it was Russian or Chinese. Vladimir Putin even made mention of such technology, laughing when it first was suggested that the Russians hacked the elections.

The operatives that Lee has in had in his books are the operatives that “hacked” Clinton’s email with permission, speculate some insiders. This should be explored further.



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