Trump Savagely Roasts Biden with Video, Left Wing Nerds Freak Out

President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter to savagely roast a potential 2020 foe, posting a hilarious video mocking a former vice president for his creepiness.

“WELCOME BACK JOE!” Trump said on Twitter, attaching a video.

The video, originally made by Twitter user Carpe Donktum, shows former Vice President Joe Biden apologizing for his inappropriate touching of women, which has become a topic of controversy as five women have come forward to tell their stories of maltreatment at the hands of Biden.

The video was doctored to show Biden grabbing his own shoulders and smelling his own hair, as he has been accused of by some of the women.

Some left-wing trolls were not pleased by Trump sharing the video.

“This is how far the Republican party has fallen. The President of the United States is now sharing doctored videos. Here is a reminder that you are accused of sexually harassing or assaulting 19 women and was even accused of raping your own ex-wife,” whined certified dork and known leftist grifter Ed Krassenstein.

“Biden apologized for making a few women feel uncomfortable. You didn’t apologize once to any of the 17 women who claim you sexually assaulted them. Instead you bragged about grabbing their private parts,” whined certified dork and known leftist grifter Brian Krassenstein, Ed’s twin brother.

The hilarious display from Trump is reminiscent of his many trolls of opponents during the 2016 campaign, suggesting that he is entering battle mode heading into 2020.

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