Trump Shows Kim Jong Un Who’s Boss As Kim’s General Salutes The Donald

Korean Central TV, screenshot

President Donald Trump established himself further as the alpha male in his relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are firm in their statements that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat and will de-nuclearize. So far, Kim has seemed like a hostage in his negotiations with Trump, as Trump shows his power without humiliating Kim in front of his own people.

The mainstream media has gone strongly anti-Peace, accusing Trump of lending credibility to the North Koreans. Apparently North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and threats against the United States do not give the regime credibility.

So the media is focusing on Trump saluting a North Korean general, conveniently missing the real subtext of the moment. Kim’s general saluted President Trump, showing loyalty and an appreciation for who is in control. Trump returned their gesture as Kim looked on, realizing that his own cabinet knows he is getting boxed into a corner by Trump’s maximum pressure campaign.

Here is the suddenly iconic image:

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