Trump Suggests Barack Obama Hasn’t Endorsed Joe Biden Because “He Knows Something That You Don’t Know

President Donald Trump questioned why Barack Obama hasn’t yet official endorsed his former Vice President Joe Biden during Wednesday’s press conference, stating that Obama “knows something that you don’t know, that I think I know, but you don’t know. So it’ll be interesting.”

As of Sunday, President Obama still hasn’t released a formal endorsement of Biden. He declined to endorse his own Vice President during the entire Democratic primary process, even staying on the sidelines when it became all but certain that Biden would emerge as the Democratic nominee.

Obama was even quicker to endorse Hillary Clinton for the presidency during the 2016 campaign, declining to wait until Bernie Sanders stopped competing for votes and delegates in Democratic state primaries.

I don’t know why President Obama hasn’t supported Joe Biden a long time ago.” President Trump questioned why Obama hadn’t officially endorsed his own Vice President far earlier in the Democratic primary.

There is something he feels is wrong. Why isn’t — he’ll come out. I’m sure he’s got to come out at some point because he certainly doesn’t want to see me for four more years.”

It’s all but certain Obama will endorse Joe Biden for the presidency in the near future, but perhaps it’s not entirely impossible that Biden could face the embarrassment of Obama tacitly or openly supporting an effort to replace his former Vice President at the Democratic convention. Questions over Biden’s mental acuity have arisen in even the most obstinate of establishment Democrat circles, and many within the party have pointed to the possibility of subbing in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at the convention.

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