Trump Supporters Are Countering Anti-Trump Billboards With Pro-Trump Billboards

Following a rash of anti-Trump billboards placed near President Trump’s Mar-A-Logo resort in Palm Beach, Florida, a pro-Trump Super PAC has announced they are countering the billboards with a pro-Trump message. The Committee to Defend the President announced through Facebook that they are placing the billboards.

Have you heard about the “Impeach Trump" billboard erected near Mar-a-Lago? In response, your Committee to Defend the…

Posted by The Committee to Defend the President on Friday, March 16, 2018

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The billboards read “THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP, KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” It also asks supporters of the President to send their personal thank you to the web page

The billboards placed by the pro-Trump group follow a similar design to the anti-Trump billboards that read “IMPEACHMENT NOW.” That billboard can be seen below:


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