Trump Supporters Hold #KeepBannon Flash Mob at White House (VIDEOS)

via Cassandra Fairbanks/BLP

A group of Donald Trump supporters showed up at the White House on Saturday to hold a flash mob urging the president to keep Steve Bannon in the administration.

Supporters of Bannon cited opposition to intervention in Syria and neoconservative policies, the economy, and desire to put “America first” as their reasons for attending.

Supporters also brought a Kekistani flag and took a moment to speak out against “normie oppression” of the “people of Kekistan.”

Kekistan is a fictional nation created by 4chan users to mock the globalist agenda. During this portion of the event, a man came up and claimed the flag was similar to that of the Nazis. He was promptly shamed for being a “Kekistan denier.”

The event was organized by Jack Posobiec, Rebel Media’s DC bureau chief, who also recently launched, which points to a petition urging Trump to keep the former Breitbart executive in his administration.

“Build the wall; extreme vetting of those coming into our nation; no wars of adventure; getting tough with the United Nations; bringing jobs home. That’s what won it for him. That’s what brought out the millions — and that’s what Bannon helped bring out,” the petition states.

When asked on the evening before the protest if there had been any anger with Trump supporters over the flash mob plans, Posobiec asserted that the opposition they have received has been from neoconservatives and globalists.

“We have had some push back from the Bill Kristol neocon squad, people who disagree with Trump and Bannon’s ‘America First’ agenda, but the vast majority of Trump crowd are in support,” Posobiec told Big League Politics.

The protest comes as speculation about Bannon’s “waning influence” in the White House have been flooding the media — and reports that globalists have become rising stars within the administration presents an unsettling prospect for the nationalists within Trump’s base.

Controversial white nationalist Richard Spencer also made an appearance at the event, though he was not associated with the organizers.

Interestingly, liberal activists also had plans to protest on Saturday, with a series of protests nationwide for Tax Day. Naturally, these activists are not marching for tax cuts or for their taxes to be used more responsibly, no, this act of political theater is to demand that Trump release his own tax returns.

The “Tax Marches” were scheduled to take place in over 150 cities, including several overseas. There were as many as 25,000 people expected to attend the DC event, which Senator Ron Wyden, Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Jamie Raskin are scheduled to speak.

Trump supporters in several cities were also planning to counter protest, with rallies in support of the president.

“Their whole message is they want to see the president’s tax returns. I care far more about his policy than his tax returns,” Trevor Dierdorff, El Paso County Republican Party chairman, told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

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