Trump Supporters Launch Petition to #KeepBannon, Plan Flash Mob at White House Media

Jack Posobiec, Washington Bureau Chief of Rebel Media and former Citizens for Trump founder, has launched in support of President Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

“Trump supporters launched in response to the mainstream media’s push to have Steve Bannon removed from the White House,” Posobiec told Big League Politics. “President Trump will not buckle to these fake news attacks and we are holding a flash mob at Lafayette Park in front of the White House at 2 p.m. on Saturday to show our support for Bannon and the pro-American policies he stands for.”

The web address points to a video and petition for Trump supporters to push back against the mainstream media narrative that Bannon is being pushed out of the White House.

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“Bannon stands for nationalism, populism, ‘America First,’ and all the things that got this movement started,” the petition states.

The petition acknowledges that Americans voted for Trump — not his advisors — but points out the importance of keeping someone who is not a globalist at the president’s side.

“Build the wall; extreme vetting of those coming into our nation; no wars of adventure; getting tough with the United Nations; bringing jobs home,” the petition continues. “That’s what won it for him. That’s what brought out the millions — and that’s what Bannon helped bring out.”

Over the past week, the media has been flooded with stories about Bannon having a waning influence in the Oval Office. These stories have come at the same time that many noticed the increased influence of globalist Democrat Jared Kushner.

Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump, has been given a laundry list of responsibilities within the administration — and does not appear to share the “America First” values that voters went to the polls for.

Many who rallied so hard to “Make America Great Again” have noticed that it seems Trump is becoming more concerned about his “family brand” than the “flyover voters” who put him in office.

Posobiec has vowed that he will personally deliver the petition to the White House.

Earlier this week, after #FireKushner trended globally for several hours, Sputnik News radio host Lee Stranahan also launched

The website demands that Kushner, who Bannon allegedly referred to as a “cuck,” is not what America needs.

“Through his wife Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner has become a dominant force against the nationalist populism that got Donald Trump elected, instead promoting globalism and elitism in the White House,” the website states.

Stranahan also created a list of seven of the top reasons that Kushner should be removed, including being instrumental in promoting Goldman Sachs CEO and fellow Democrat Gary Cohn to a key position in the White House, where he is now the Chief Economic Advisor to the president and the Director of the National Economic Council.

It seems as though the president’s base is ready and prepared to fight as hard to keep nationalists in the White House as they were to get Trump there.

Big League will also be present for the flash mob on Saturday, bringing you videos and interviews with those in attendence.


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  1. I agree with Posobiec, by all means, KEEP Bannon! FIRE Kushner! Bannon is the man that will keep President Trump focused and on point with the things that the “Movement” got Potus elected to accomplish! I can’t attend the “rally”, but would if I could…my voice counts, too!

  2. Steve Bannon IS the personification of the Trump “Movement”.
    He brought legitimacy and solice to undecided conservatives to support the campaign back in August of 2016. His presence in the White House to take on globalism, the administrative state,the political establishment, and counter NY democrat policy implementation is essential.
    Keep “Bannonism” alive to MAGA and to save our country!!!

  3. He is VERY much needed!!!Jared and Ivanka we did not vote for and we DONT want them running the WH!!

  4. If having Gary Cohen as chief financial advisor is all that happens with Kushner influence I’m fine with it. From what I’ve read Cohen is preeminent in his field and is strictly a numbers guy in spite of his liberal leanings in other areas. Trump want’s the most qualified in that area and it seems no one is better than Cohen.

    I’m all for conservatives having their voices heard as far as Bannon is concerned and I hope Trump keeps him.

    The brouhaha about Kushner could be valid or it could be just another attempt by the left to invalidate the Trump White House team. The reports I’ve read so far name some unknown White House source as the person behind saying Kushner has undo influence but there’s no actual evidence of what exactly that influence is or how it’s been leveraged.

    As for Ivanka, Trump gave her an office and is letting her handle women’s issues. A make work project meant to appease all the women libbers and some of the conservative women who have bought into a lot of that crap.

    I to wish Trump would relegate them both to some low profile jobs without substance and the same with their advice but as usual this could just be another attempt to undermine Trump so we’ll see how it plays out.