Trump Supporters Stage Sit-In At Charlotte City Council To Protest ‘Tyranny’ (VIDEO)

Charlotte Regional Republican Volunteer Network

President Donald Trump supporters staged a sit-in at the Charlotte City Council to protest a Democrat council member’s claim that Trump supporters should not be allowed to participate in Charlotte city government.

Big League Politics has obtained exclusive footage (Below) of this stunning protest that the mainstream media is trying not to report on.

At the flashpoint of the controversy in Charlotte, home of the transgender bathroom bill, is a 30 year old Democrat named Dimple Tansen Ajmera, a District 5 representative and an immigrant from India. Dimple arrived in the United States when she was 16 years old.  Her parents knew no English and were here for economic opportunities. Dimple attended Public School where she learned English, her motivation being she wanted to be successful in business in America. She says that she felt alone and shut out in her school, for being different. Last month Dimple made statements on a TV program that as a City Council member, she wants to exclude supporters of President Donald Trump from running for office in City Government in Charlotte.

Dimple says in a panel discussion on a show called Flashpoint on NBC Charlotte,  that “Trump and his supporters should be nowhere near us.”

When given the opportunity to amend her statements Dimple only doubles down and affirms that she absolutely means to say that Trump supporters should be banned from running for Government positions. Dimple is currently running for an At Large Position on the City Council where she will have more people to represent. She has a Democrat Primary Challenger and 2-3 Republican Challengers.

Local North Carolina Trump supporters and activists were offended with Dimple’s divisive statements,  and  also with the positive news coverage Dimple was getting in the press.  So  under the leadership of Sean Kilbane of Charlotte Regional Republican Volunteer Network (a Facebook Page) about 125 Trump supporters from Women for Trump, Citizens for Trump, Hispanics For Trump, Bikers for Trump and Deplorable Pride Charlotte Chapters had a successful Sit In on Monday July 24, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina to protest the statements made by Dimple.

Here you will see a Big League Politics exclusive: highlights of a longer recording of interviews of attendees of that Sit In. These are the stories that the group would like the public to see.

Mr. Kilbane says that he has received mixed media attention. Some reporters have been great, but most reporters have distorted the group’s message or even outright shut them out of the story.  Kilbane told Big League Politics that one local reporter from Charlotte refuses to cover the group’s involvement in the Sit In, even though Sean has contacted the reporter and made himself available for an interview.

When asked if there was anything he would like to set the record straight about, Mr. Kilbane replied that he was not asked to comment on a story where Dimple spoke about death threats she had received. “If I had been asked to comment,” Sean said, “I would have told her that I have gotten death threats for my involvement too.”

Sean Kilbane has experienced what many Americans face when trying to get their point of view into public discussions. Many Americans find themselves feeling shut out, ignored, and lied about.

Mr. Kilbane told Big League Politics that he wants the public to see that President Trump has supporters and it was not Russia who chose this President.

So what could be at the heart of Dimple’s attempt to keep the City Council free of Republicans?

Two years ago, Charlotte City Council members passed a civil resolution that said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police would not enforce federal immigration law, and, with few exceptions, would ignore information about someone being here illegally.

In response, the General Assembly prohibited cities and towns from having such policies, and Charlotte removed most references to immigration from CMPD’s policies.

Dimple’s district is heavily Indian immigrants, like herself.  She is quoted as saying she worries about President Trump’s Executive orders about Illegal Immigrants.

From an article in the Charlotte Observer dated Feb 8th, 2017 Dimple says: “My friends and family are concerned. Everywhere I go, we have people living in fear.”

Apparently Dimple , having experienced what she describes as isolation in a new country and a new school, doesn’t consider what it is like to live in fear or be shut out politically in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Attempts to reach Dimple for comment were unsuccessful.

The Facebook group, Charlotte Regional Republican Volunteer Network,  does not take any donations for their activism, and they do plan to continue to defend President Trump and his supporters.

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