WATCH: Trump Supporters Troll CNN’s Jim Acosta With “Go Home, Jim!” Chant In South Carolina

Trump supporters at the President’s Monday rally in South Carolina trolled CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta. According to a Buzzfeed reporter, a woman in the crowd spotted Acosta in the press section, and after an exchange the crowd began chanting “Go Home Jim!”

While the entire mainstream media has been unfair to President Trump, Jim Acosta has stood apart from the pack by being the most obnoxious critic of Trump. At nearly every press conference at the White House, Acosta has screamed questions at the President, and other members of his administration, often leading towards confrontations.

Perhaps the most famous of his confrontations occurred just after Trump was elected President, when the then-President elect chose not to allow him to speak, calling him and his news organization “fake news.”

Acosta has also made waves through his arrogant way of handling himself at the White House. Most recently he got into an argument¬†with a Secret Service agent after forgetting his White House press pass. Acosta was upset that the Secret Service agent didn’t recognize him well enough to allow him to violate security protocol. In the end, Acosta was forced to leave and get his pass before being allowed into the White House.

The trolling of Acosta at the rally is mirroring past stunts pulled by the President and his staff. Recently, White House staff used a standard mic check as an opportunity to say “you are fake news” over the PA system, leading towards angry Tweets from press in attendance. On “Take Your Children to Work Day” President Trump offered to bring the children of press into the oval office, and upon asking if they should leave their parents outside, the kids overwhelmingly agreed with the President.

These are just a few examples proving that the American people no longer trust the mainstream media. Acosta is just one of the worst offenders of spreading fake news.

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