Trump Surrogate and Remembrance Project Co-Founder Maria Espinoza Endorses Allen West for Governor

Earlier this week, Maria Espinoza, a surrogate for Donald Trump and co-founder of the Remembrance Project, endorsed Lieutenant Colonel Allen West as Republican candidate for Governor of Texas.

She justified her endorsement on the grounds that Abbott has “failed to address the most important issue that affects all aspects of our lives – protecting our sovereignty through border security.”

Espinoza believes that Abbott has had the chance to craft a plan to stave off the illegal alien invasion that the Biden administration has facilitated. However, she believes Abbott has dropped the ball.

The Remembrance Project co-founder described Abbott’s border policies as “do-nothing” and have created the present chaos at the southern border that has spilled over into numerous Texas cities. 

She asserted that Abbott has “sacrificed the safety of Texas families for his future political aspirations.” 

Additionally, Espinoza believes that the policies Abbott has pursued such as Operation Lone Star are not strong enough and the relatively lukewarm nature of such acts “have possibly led to the deaths of untold thousands of Americans, not only here in Texas, but across our great nation.”

Espinoza is an outspoken immigration patriot. From 2015 to 2016, Espinoza was a “Donald Trump for President” surrogate, who made media appearances where she defended Trump’s immigration policies. 

She firmly believes that if West wins his race against Abbott, “he will lead this state and secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness here in Texas.”

Espinoza cited one of Abbott’s most egregious failures when it came to immigration from a years back:

In February 2015, a small group of patriots, a Texas Senator, and I pleaded – to no avail — with Governor Abbott to secure Texas by utilizing resources through a Multi-state Compact Agreement. Ignored by Governor Abbott, Texas Sheriffs and county officials in at least 25 Texas counties filed unprecedented Declarations of Disaster caused exclusively from the illegal alien invasion into their communities.

The Remembrance Project co-founder added, “Today, our Texas border remains wide open and Biden’s catch and release of illegal aliens into Texas continues, and Abbott has no plan!”

For Espinoza, West is the only candidate that’s capable of implementing a “Texas first” agenda in the Lone Star State that stresses traditional values and national sovereignty. 

West’s challenge to Abbott is part of a broader state of dissatisfaction among Texas right-wingers with Abbott’s recent performance as governor. While he has maintained Texas relatively open, Abbott initially dragged his feet on keeping Texas open during the initial stages of the Wuhan virus pandemic. This angered West while he was the chair of the Texas Republican Party.

According to a poll by Paradigm Partners, West is leading Abbott 38% to 33% among likely primary voters. Should West pull off an upset against Abbott, the Republican Party realignment will further accelerate as the party becomes more susceptible to insurgent challengers and gets purged of its excessively pro-Big Business elements.

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