Trump Tricks Leftists Into Anti-George Washington Stance

President Donald J. Trump made a comment at a Wednesday press conference that left radical leftists taking an anti-George Washington stance.

“Trump: ‘George Washington would be voted against 100 percent by Schumer and the con artists,'” he said according to AP reporter Erica Werner.

This comment prompted criticism of the first president, George Washington from a dimwitted CNN commentator who sees American history as only black vs. white.

“HE WAS A SLAVE OWNER,” said Symone D. Sanders.

Apparently, leftists have moved away from hating only the “racist” Confederacy and towards hating every single person responsible for creating this, the finest nation ever known to man for the fact that they owned slaves. In recent history, liberals were not so insane as to criticize immensely important historical figures like Washington, but Trump has turned them into absolute lunatics.

Sanders, surely ahistorical, has perhaps forgotten that but for the Founding Father’s setting up a government system of equality under the law, slavery, which for all of human history before the creation of the United States of America has been acceptable, slavery might still be actively practices in the West today.

Now, the only people who own slaves are Muslim terrorists in African nations.

Perhaps Sanders would prefer to live there, instead of the most progressive nation on earth.

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