Trump Uses Tariffs To Score Big Victory For American Farmers

President Donald Trump has won a negotiating victory against the European Union, compelling the EU to purchase more American products rather than face United States-imposed tariffs. Trump’s dedication to steel and aluminum tariffs on the EU forced the transnational union to the bargaining table.

Bloomberg reports: “The two sides agreed to expand European imports of U.S. liquified natural gas and soybeans and lower industrial tariffs on both sides, Trump said. The U.S. and European Union will “hold off on other tariffs” while negotiations proceed, Juncker said. “We had a big day, very big,” Trump said at a joint statement with Juncker at the White House Wednesday. He hailed “a new phase” of trade relations.”

Trump was jubilant at his joint press conference with EU head Juncker, with whom he has engaged in somewhat heated negotiations during Trump’s recent Europe trips.

“And the European Union is going to start, almost immediately, to buy a lot of soybeans. They’re a tremendous market. Buy a lot of soybeans from our farmers in the Midwest, primarily,” Trump said.

Trump’s victory for the Midwest farmers comes just after he announced $12 billion in federal aid to farmers impacted by any tariffs imposed by other countries on U.S. goods.

The media is persistent in its anti-tariff agitating, convinced that somehow Trump is hurting people by starting trade wars — even though trade wars have been waged against the United States for decades and the only way to win a trade war is to acknowledge that we are in one.

The relief for farmers, and the sizable win today for Trump against the EU, smacks down the media’s narrative, and repudiates anti-protectionist talking points from the globalist Koch Brothers.

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