TRUMP: Will Be Easier to Climb Mt. Everest Than Over Border Wall

President Donald J. Trump described the wall that he plans to build on the southern border, comparing it to the world’s most notoriously difficult-to-scale mountain.

“It’s a big wall, it’s a strong wall,” Trump told a group of Sheriffs in Washington, D.C. Wednesday. “They would be able to climb Mt. Everest a lot easier, I think.”

Trump is in the midst of a battle with Congress over obtaining funding for the wall, which Democrats have vowed not to support, though there are rumors that a deal will be arranged to avoid a second government shutdown which would go into effect on Feb. 15.

Trump has considered declaring a national emergency and using military funds to build the wall, bypassing Congress.

Big League Politics reported:

10 United States Code 284, “Support for counterdrug activities and activities to counter transnational organized crime,” allows President Donald Trump to direct the Secretary of Defense to secure the southern border with a wall, the Pentagon confirms.

10 United States Code 284, which authorizes President Trump to deploy the military to the Southern border, and to do a lot of other things, and for clarity if you look it up in the dictionary the word fence and the word barrier includes walls of a variety of different materials. So having been said it seems to me that 10 USC 284 can be used by the United States to direct the United States military to build a wall,” Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama asked Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood.

“You are correct,” said Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood. “That use of authority would authorize the Secretary of Defense to erect barriers, roads, fencing, those type of materials to disrupt drug smuggling.”

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