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Trump’s FBI Shuts Down Backpage, A Hub For Human Trafficking

Trump is cracking down on human trafficking HARD.



Early in the afternoon on Friday, a joint operation led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shut down the website, leaving visitors with nothing put an image informing them of the seizure.

Along with shutting down the website, law enforcement raided the websites’ founders homes.

The raid, and website seizure was “part of an enforcement action by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division, with analytical assistance from the Joint Regional Intelligence Center.”

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This appears to be another example of President Trump’s Administration cracking down on human trafficking. When the website was up, Backpage was used worldwide as a hub for prostitution, and was largely responsible for the proliferation of human trafficking worldwide.

This comes just a short while after Craigslist was forced to shut down their “personals” section in response to the passage of the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act.” That bill would give websites that facilitate human trafficking to be held criminally liable.


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Twitter Shuts Down CJ Pearson, A 15 Year Old Black Trump Supporter



Conservative commentator CJ Pearson’s Twitter account has been removed from the platform. Attempts to go to his page is met by a notice that his page doesn’t exist.

According to screenshots obtained by Republican operative Ali Akbar Twitter banned Pearson due to his age, which they believed is under the minimum required age of 13. But Pearson is 15 years old, which makes the removal of his page suspicious.

Pearson initially reached fame in 2015 on the video-sharing website YouTube, where he shared his conservative, anti-Obama views. Since then he has become a social media powerhouse, with nearly 400,000 likes on Facebook and 135,000 followers on Twitter.

Pearson would regularly share his conservative values, and challenge the views of liberals. Being 15 years old he truly is someone who spoke in terms you wouldn’t imagine somebody his age using. He is highly intelligent, and used his platform on Twitter to put his ideological enemies on blast.

It is very likely that Pearson will get his Twitter account back, as the removal was likely a system error. The question that does arise with his removal is whether the removal was triggered by the actions of leftists who disagree with him. If a large group of his enemies reported him for violating the age requirement, that likely could have resulted in his account’s removal.

Big League Politics will keep you updated on this story.

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Facebook Sued Over Alleged Spying On Users Photos & Texts

The allegations made in this lawsuit are shocking.



A California court case alleges that Facebook used their apps to spy on users, gathering information about users, as well as their friends, including some who had not signed up to use the social networking site. The information they allegedly gathered includes, text messages, location tracking, as well as photos on their phones.

Despite Facebook claiming that the claims are false, former startup Six4Three is continuing with their lawsuit against the social network giant, and have made these allegations in official court documents filed at the superior court in San Mateo.

Facebook has long found themselves in the forefront of surveillance allegations. The first major allegation came in the wake of information leaked by CIA employee turned whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Government documents described Facebook as corporate partners in the National Security Agency’s PRISM program, which conducted massive surveillance operations of American citizens.

Mark Zuckerberg personally denied knowledge of the government’s PRISM program.

In the case of the California lawsuit, Facebook is actively fighting the allegations, recently making an anti-SLAPP motion, which is a legal maneuver designed to throw out lawsuits filed for the purpose of limiting free speech.  If they are successful, the lawsuit will be thrown out. Six4Three is actively opposing the motion.

A number of high-level communications are being reviewed as a part of the case, and have the possibility of becoming publicly available. Facebook’s legal team is claiming those communications are private business matters in order to attempt to keep them private.

The specific allegations in the case have to do with the developer’s failure of an app they created called Pikinis, which allowed users to zero in on photos of their friends in bikinis and other swimwear.

They claim that Facebook mislead investors by misrepresenting data controls and privacy settings. In a January filing, the company alleges that Facebook tracked users extensively, oftentimes without their consent.

Data made available to the company appears to have varied based on the type of phone that was being used. On Android phones, they were able to access metadata and content found in text messages, and on iPhone, they were able to access most photos, including those not posted on Facebook.

Another allegation made is that the company was able to remotely activate Bluetooth, which allowed them to pinpoint the users location, with or without their consent.

A court filing claims that “Facebook used this data to give certain Facebook products and features an unfair competitive advantage over other social applications on Facebook Platform.”

Facebook in the past has been forced to admit collecting certain data from users, like call and text message data, but claimed that they only did so with express consent. However, it has been reported that they collected some of that data from users without first getting consent.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has railed against surveillance in the past, and fought back against similar accusations to the ones made in this lawsuit. This lawsuit has the possibility to prove his claims incorrect.

Big League Politics will keep you updated on any developments to this story.

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Proud Boy Magazine Banned From Patreon After SPLC Smear

They used a smear by the leftist SPLC to ban them.



The crowdfunding website Patreon has de-platformed Proud Boy Magazine, according to an email screenshot provided to Big League Politics.

Proud Boy Magazine is a website largely known as a communication hub for the generally conservative-leaning fraternal organizing featured in its namesake, and has hosted articles written by Proud Boy founder, and CRTV personality Gavin McInnes.

The email provided can be read here:

In the email sent to the owner of the Patreon page, the website’s Trust and Safety Team stated they removed the page because the Proud Boys have been flagged as a hate group by “diverse organisations,” presumably alluding towards the Southern Poverty Law Center labeling the group in their “General Hate” category on their site. That category seemed to be created for the sole purpose of labeling the Proud Boys, and their affiliated Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK) group.

Patreon also stated that the affiliation with FOAK is another reason for the removal. FOAK is known as the “militant” wing of the Proud Boys, and have been seen at protests nationwide acting in a solely defensive manor against violent Antifa protesters.

The assertions made by Patreon are fervently denied by Pawl Bazile, Production Manager at Proud Boy Magazine. He called Patreon’s de-platforming the “height of absurdity,” and specifically labeled articles put out by left-wing organizations and websites like the Southern Poverty Law Center as unfair hit-pieces.

“The ‘diverse’ articles they are citing are clearly hit pieces and conjecture that we hardly ever get asked to comment on by the authors,” Bazile stated. “If having fairly mainstream and common sense opinions on culture convinced a hack admin from Patreon that we are a so called ‘hate group,’ than clearly they took action for political reasons.”

Bazile continued, explaining more on what the group is about.

“We’re a politically incorrect men’s social club bucking the establishment and keeping the promises punk rockers failed at. The people who bash us are miserable failures who can’t handle the thought that the guys who waved off their made up authoritarian rules are having a blast.”

As for the tenants of the group, Bazile explained:

“We like free speech. We’re anti-racist. We’re pro-gun. We love the military. We’re anti-drug war. We think modern society is a good thing. We believe women and men both have important roles to play. We also don’t care if you’re gay. I don’t understand where the hate-part comes in.”

Big League Politics has previously reported on the Proud Boys, and spoken with Gavin McInnes about the “Hate Group” label concocted by the SPLC. McInnes strongly denied that the Proud Boys are hateful in any way, pointing towards articles published on Proud Boy Magazine denying affiliations with the alt-right, and disavowing last summer’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA.

Immediately after publishing that article, a leader from a pro-Trump LGBT group reached out to Big League Politics to show his support for the group, calling them “allies.”

“Every single Proud Boy I have met have been very accepting of me and our organization,” said Brian Talbert, founder of Deplorable Pride, a group of gay Trump supporters. “Not many hate groups accept gays,” Talbert added.

In the void of funding in the wake of Patreon’s de-platforming, Bazile stated that supporters can support the website by purchasing merchandise found on their online store.

Patreon could not be immediately reached for comment. This article will be updated if we receive comment.


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