Trump’s First Step Act To Free Matthew Charles Who Went Back To Prison After Rebuilding Life Due To Release Error

After months of uproar from figures across the political spectrum – spearheaded largely by the right, Matthew Charles, a non-violent drug offender is expected to freed from prison in the next 24 hours.

This massive development comes because of President Donald Trump’s First Step Act, which gives some non-violent offenders the possibility of reduced sentences.

Charles had spent over twenty years in prison when he was given early in release on 2016. After being released, he integrated back into society, found steady work and a girlfriend.

But his 2016 release was due to a mistake. You see, Charles was labeled as a career offender, meaning there was no option for him to have his sentence reduced.

So despite serving as a model citizen for two years, he was forced back into prison last year.

Following this news, many figures on the right came out in support of Charles, urging President Trump to pardon him.

While that pardon isn’t coming, Charles’ release is. And it’s due to the policies of President Trump.

This isn’t the first act of compassion Trump has given to non-violent offenders.

In June of last year, the president granted a pardon to yet another non-violent drug offender, Alice Marie Johnson.

Johnson, a great grandmother who got caught up in the drug trade while facing difficult times, was granted the pardon following a meeting between the president and Kim Kardashian West. Kardashian West is a vocal advocate for criminal justice report, and along with her husband, Kanye West, is believed to be a strong influence on the president’s views on the issue.

Karadashian West took to Twitter to thank Trump for his role in helping Charles get his freedom back.




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