Trump’s Foreign Policy Promise is Being Realized as 200 More ISIS Fighters Surrender

President Donald Trump was chastised by the mainstream media for declaring peace in Syria, claiming the ISIS threat is finished, and announcing that troops would come home late last year.

Although Trump’s signature hyperbole may have overstated the progress made against ISIS, the Islamic threat is clearly on the run. A US-backed Kurdish force is closer than ever to repelling ISIS out of Syria completely after achieving a massive victory resulting in the surrender of 200 militants.

Çiyager Amed, a Syrian Democratic Forces official, confirmed to the Associated Press that ISIS fighters who were holed up in Baghouz surrendered last week. Baghouz is the last remaining ISIS stronghold in all of Syria consisting of mostly foreigners including Iraqis with very few civilians remaining in the city.

Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the SDF, announced that hundreds of women and children left the ISIS enclave into safety, but the threat is not eradicated quite yet. Although the remaining ISIS fighters are few, their elite fighters remain, and they are more than willing to take human shields to maintain what little power they have left.

“They also don’t have other options. Either to surrender or die,” Bali said of ISIS fighters. He maintains that women and children who surrender, even if they are family to ISIS members, will be treated as civilians.

Omar Abu Laila, the administrator of the DeirEzzor 24 group that tracks ongoing fighting in the tumultuous eastern province of Deir el-Zour, confirms the SDF’s reports.

“The battle is almost over in eastern Syria with SDF fighters almost in full control of the last pocket held by Daesh,” Abu Laila said.

ISIS is being decimated so quickly that there is a growing question of what to do with war prisoners. According to AP sources, tent cities are expected to host these individuals while a permanent solution is found. Iraq is expected to take up to 20,000 of these militants, where it is feared that they could resume their hostile barbaric activities against the West.

There is another possible option to house ISIS terrorists: Guantanamo Bay. A U.S. State Department official maintains that although these militants can be detained at the facility as long as it is “lawful and appropriate,” it nevertheless remains an “option of last resort.”

While Trump’s comments regarding the progress made in Syria with ISIS may have been slightly exaggerated, it is still an incredible achievement to be celebrated considering Trump’s predecessor claimed that defeating ISIS would be a generational battle.

“This broader challenge of countering violent extremism is not simply a military effort. “Ideologies are not defeated by guns. They’re defeated with better ideas – a more attractive and more compelling vision,” former President Barack Hussein Obama said during an address at the Pentagon regarding ISIS in 2015.

“This larger battle for hearts and minds is going to be a generational struggle,” Obama added. “It’s ultimately not going to be won or lost by the United States alone. It will be decided by the countries and communities that terrorists like [the Islamic State] target.”

Turns out defeating ISIS wasn’t a generational struggle about winning hearts and minds, but rather a real war where the enemy can be crushed in battle. Trump stopped Obama’s deep state policies of arming Islamic terrorist rebels in Syria, which allowed ISIS to be crushed and Syria to be stabilized almost immediately. Trump is right to celebrate achievements that the biased fake news media will not even acknowledge.

Trump is on the cusp of showing how a measured pull-out of troops in the Middle East can actually work. He just needs to keep tuning out the deep state, mainstream media, and other haters in order to complete this shift toward a truly ‘America First’ foreign policy.

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