Trust in Mainstream Media Hits All-Time Low

The Biden era is shaping up poorly for establishment corporate media, with trust in the mainstream press plummeting to embarrassing new lows.

An Edelman poll published by Axios shows that for the first time, a majority of the public distrusts the mainstream media.

56% of Americans agree that “journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.

58% of the public agrees that “most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.

Democrats are far more easily cowed by the corporate media than Republicans, with 57% of the former still supporting the disgraced institution and only 18% of the latter accepting the mainstream media’s lies.

Analysis of previous Edelman polling reveals that the media’s utter loss of credibility has accelerated in recent years, only receiving a brief boost during Trump’s presidency. Previously, media corporations such as NBC and the New York Times had been facing a precipitous decline, with their traditional audience instead opting for alternative media.

Corporate liberal media networks may face an existential threat to their business model with the cash cow of President Donald Trump removed from the picture. The ratings of CNN and MSNBC have declined to dismal lows, with Tucker Carlson exclusively maintaining his audience in the post-Trump era and emerging as President Joe Biden’s most prominent critic.

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