TRYIN’ TED: Ted Cruz Awesomely Fights For Term Limits

Texas senator Ted Cruz, recently spotted rocking a cool beard, has introduced a constitutional amendment establishing term limits on the senators and congressmen who make decisions in our country.

The constitutional amendment has clear rules: Senators only get two six-year terms, and House members get three two-year terms, for a total of six years.

And guess what? Cruz got Marco Rubio, David Purdue, and Mike Lee to co-sponsor it.

Term limits are a great idea because many of our lawmakers grow complacent in perpetual incumbency, so satisfied that nobody can beat their home-town machine that they don’t actually have to try. Term limits incentivize lawmakers to actually get things done. Also, term limits would make some progress in preventing special interests from owning certain House or Senate seats forever, opening up competition from fresh-faced challengers on a more regular basis.

This is a major step forward for the American people, even if it is very difficult to pass a constitutional amendment and of course most of the corrupt political machine and special interests will be marshaled against it.

But good for Ted. As fun as it was to watch President Trump fly his private jet over Cruz’s rallies in the primaries, most of Trump’s supporters have re-embraced the tea party senator whose epic fights — including his Obamacare-themed government shutdown — helped get the populist right-wing insurgency to a point where it can now govern.

As Trump said about Cruz: “Like, Dislike, Like.”

Meaning, the opinion is back to “Like” now.

No hard feelings!

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